Tokyo Olympics Live Stream: How to Watch? Tokyo, the capital city of Japan get the permission to organize the Summer Olympic 2021 Games, It will be start from 23 July 2021.

Out of the numerous bids for hosting the international sporting event, the International Olympic Committee eventually short-listed Istanbul (Turkey), Madrid (Spain) and Tokyo (Japan) for the chance to organize the Summer Olympics 2021. It was a short competition in the three cities for get the chance to host the 2021 Summer Olympics as the winner needed the 49 votes to win the majority. The first balloting saw Istanbul and Madrid tied get the second place. A run-off voting system was held to placed the second place winner with in Madrid and Istanbul. The final round of voting saw Tokyo and Istanbul participate for win the chance to host the Summer Olympics 2021. Eventually, the result saw a 60-36 difference in Japan’s support.