Saturday, October 17, 2020

I am noticing an almost-uncontrollable impulse to buy things. In the past couple of days, I almost bought:

My thumb hovered above the “Confirm and Pay” button for each clothing item, as well as the iPhone and accessories, for what seemed like ages. My sleep schedule has been unhinged lately, so I've woken up around 4:00 am on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to ponder for 30 minutes about purchasing these items, before falling back asleep and having dreams of actually purchasing these items.

With the car, I not only booked a test drive, but also transferred $20,000 from my savings to checking account for the down payment.

Isn't a common piece of advice to masturbate before going on a date? Or is it recommended to masturbate before you cheat? I get the two confused, but I am appreciative for my mother, who spends a lot of her free time at Marshalls. She was able to convince me, for once, to not spend my money on clothes, shoes, or a new iPhone because I was already stylish enough, and I don't really take selfies like Jackson, Chloe, Karen, etc.

I wish I had masturbated before cheating on Julianna with Sam, but that's a story for another time.

Additionally, I am increasingly wary of my relationship with Joyce. She had a self-described “hormonal breakdown” yesterday when I made a light-hearted joke, for which I then immediately apologized when I realized that she was actually having a breakdown. She then lashed out with texts that annoyed me; particular snippets include:

I told her that I didn't appreciate her backhanded comments that were obviously designed to make me feel guilty, and she subsequently apologized.

I was still annoyed after her apology, but maybe that was because I was simultaneously on a call with Christopher, who had emailed to complain about a single typo in his wife's immigration case. Christopher told me that the typo did not inspire his confidence in my work, to which I had wanted to respond by stating that the only reason his wife had received a Green Card was because Christopher's rich father, Mark, had agreed to sponsor her, as Christopher barely cleared $25,000 on his 2019 tax return, and that for the present case, Mark had paid the $6,000 in legal fees for my meticulous preparation (aside from the typo) of the petition that would remove conditions on his wife's permanent residence, making her a true Green Card holder.

Christopher exuded major “I will sue you” energy that was completely analogous with small-dick energy, and I anticipate that this type of energy will not be uncommon if and when I become an attorney.

However, I was grateful for the presence of Gabby and her healing crystals. I feel like Gabby, her crystals, and I are growing closer by the weekday.