Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Extremely lethargic the past day or so; today, I was in Chloe's default “Taking a nap, bye” mode all day – but curiously, did not attribute my want of sleep to depression. I was just tired, plain and simple.

I have been watching a lot of YouTube fitness videos lately to assess my weightlifting progress against beginners and pros alike. However, watching these videos just makes me want to start using steroids. I can't do that though – not only am I scared of doing post-cycle therapy, but my diet is also shit (today, I ate and drank: blueberry muffin; matcha roll; bowl of rice with pickled vegetables and intestines; two eggs; sesame flatbread; many slices of tri-tip; one Cotton Candy Bang Energy; a lot of wintermelon tea, with and without milk; and several oranges). At the very least, I would want to dial in my diet before I even consider injecting myself with synthetic chemicals that may or may not deliver the transformations I imagine in my head.

Things I've been thinking about buying: