[M4F] I Don’t Think I can be Gentle With You Tonight [BFE] [Mdom] [Cheesy Compliments] [Playful] [Thigh Grinding] [Kissing] [Fingering] [OPTIONAL Cunnilingus] [Doggy Style] [Pounding] [Gentle] to [Rough] [Dirty Talk] [Stay Still] [I Know You Can Take It] [Breeding] [Creampie]

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____________ Synopsis: In this script, you are the listener's boyfriend. The script starts out playfully with you showering her with cheesy compliments. Cuddling soon turns into a bit more than just hugging. As you get more and more aroused, you're not sure how long you can keep being gentle with her. __________

Important notes:

____________________ [ ] – Points for context ** – Optional SFX { } – Points for tone of voice / / – Emphasis ( ) – Directions ___________

{Softly} You’re so beautiful.


I’m just warning you, I’m going to be /very/ mushy and sappy tonight. Just think about how sappy I usually am...and then multiply that by 100 (chuckle).

If you don’t want any compliments you’re going to have to stop being so beautiful...and kind...and intelligent...and wonderful...and-

Okay, okay! I’ll stop (chuckle)

(Comfortable silence)

Hey, do you want me to turn the heat down?

I just feel like it’s a bit too warm in here. I don’t know. Maybe it’s because you’re so hot?

(Chuckle) I’m sorry! I had to.

(Comfortable silence)

Hmm? No, I’m not sleeping.

Oh. I just closed my eyes because they feel pretty tired.

Yeah, your beauty is just so blinding it kind of hurts to look-

(Chuckle) I’m done, I’m done! I swear.

(Chuckle) You’re so adorable when you're annoyed.


Heyyyyyy. Turn back around.

I promise I won’t compliment you again.

I /pinky/ promise.

(Kiss) Thank you.

(Comfortable silence)

Are you tired?


I know, it’s still pretty early in the day. It’s just- you’ve been running through my mind all day so I thought maybe you’d be sleepy.

(Pause – it takes her some time to realize this is another cheesy compliment)


Noooo. Don’t turn around again!

Nope. You’re not going anywhere. I’m cuddling you so that you can’t move (chuckle).

Oh, stop it. I know you love it.

You don’t love my arms around you? Laying your head on my chest?

You don’t love our legs wrapped around each other?

{Your tone should change here and become more serious starting from here. As the script progresses you should sound more and more turned on}

I can tell that you do.

I can tell because my leg is right in between yours…{Whisper/softly spoken} and I can feel how wet you’re getting.

My thigh is right up against your clit.

And it feels good, doesn’t it?

Don’t be shy.

Tell me how it feels.


You can move, baby.

You can grind on my thigh.

I’ll stay still, and you just move your hips up and down for me.

(Please sprinkle in any moans or other sounds as you’d like starting here!!)(Also please feel free to add any improv! You can say the following lines exactly as they’re written or ignore everything I wrote and say whatever you want!)

You’re so sexy.

I can feel you getting so wet.

This is turning me on so much.

(Improv kissing sounds/making out)(Or not!!)

I don’t want you to cum from this, baby.


No. I want you to cum around my dick.

Lie on your back.

I’m going to get on top of you.


Wrap your legs around my waist.

Can I pull these down?

Lift your hips up a little bit so I can slide your panties down.

I can’t wait to put my fingers inside of you.


I’m going to put two fingers inside of you.

I think you can handle it, baby. (Kiss) I think you can handle two fingers at once.

You’re so wet, I think I could just shove my dick inside of you right now.

But I want us to go slow. I don’t want to rush.

(You can start adding your moans and yummy sounds here!)

I’m going to put my fingers inside now.

(Moan) My fingers just slipped right in.

I knew you would be wet enough.


Grind your hips on my fingers, baby.

That’s it.

Show me how good it feels.

-CUNNILINGUS SECTION STARTS HERE (If you’re not adding this section, keep scrolling!)-

I can’t wait any longer. I need to taste you.

(Please add in your improv here! Or you can just say the following lines in between all the pussy eating goodness)

I can’t believe how wet you are.

How does my tongue feel on you, baby?

Keep grinding your hips.

You taste so good.



I can tell you’re getting close.

I need to be inside of you.

Don’t worry about that, baby. I /need/ to fuck you.

Turn around. Get on your hands and knees.

I want to grab your hips while I fuck you.

You’re /so/ sexy.

Just stay still.

Stay still as I put my dick inside of you.

(You can start adding improv, moans and yummy sounds here!)

(You can say these lines or just ignore them if you want to improv this whole section)

You’re so perfect.

You feel amazing.

I don’t think I can be gentle with you tonight, baby.

Just stay still. I’m going to pound you.

I know you can take it.

(Please feel free to go crazy with your moans, swearing, etc.)

Do you like the way my hands feel on your body?

I can’t help but just grab you and pull you into me.

Put your face into the pillow.

I want to be balls-deep inside of you.

I’m not going to last much longer, baby.

I need to cum inside of you.

I know you want it.

I know you want my cum so deep inside of you.

Are you ready?

I’m going to cum.

(Improv as you orgasm and come down from it)

Put your legs together. I think it’s going to be a little messy when I pull out (chuckle).

Don’t worry. I’ll get you a towel in a second. I just have to...not move for a second (chuckle).

Oh my god. That was incredible.

I wasn’t too rough, was I? That kind of escalated quickly (chuckle).


I think you’re /actually/ sleepy now.

No, that wasn’t a set up for another cheesy compliment (chuckle).

Okay, let me help you get cleaned up, and then we’ll both take the best nap ever.