A quick way to book southwest airlines with travel funds

A southwest airline offers a simple way to book a flight ticket by using the travel funds. One can easily redeem the fund to complete the booking.

This airline allows you to travel at a substantial fraction of the regular fare. Let’s see the complete booking process with the help of a travel fund or call to Southwest customer service number Some basic points to book Southwest airlines with Travel funds These are the simple, basic points to book the southwest airlines with the help of travel funds.

• Once you can those funds, the first book the flight online as you typically would, but instead of using a credit card to pay, tap on the drop-down option that reads “Southwest gift card option, Travel Funds, or the Southwest LUV Voucher.” From there, re-enter the name and the confirmation number from the original reservation, and the balance can be deducted from the original amount.

• Note: – A travel fund can easily pay for the flight, taxes, and fees, and the Rapid Rewards points, which will be earned on the total base fare, count towards the earning tier status and you can towards earning a Companion Pass. Rapid Rewards points can be used to pay for the total base fare.

Thus, all the points discussed above are about the southwest airlines booking, if required you can call directly to their support number to get the answer or the solution. Else you can mail your concern to the authentic department of the airlines

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