How to book wheelchair assistance in United Airlines?

There are passengers in the United Airlines that need special assistance such as a wheelchair. In that case, they hunt for United Airlines customer service live person. The process to book the assistance is quite easy. Firstly, let us know about the service of a wheelchair.

Service of wheelchair

The wheelchair facility is available for the customer having disabilities to use at the airports. It is recommended to book the assistance through any of your travel agents or by talking to a live person via phone numbers of United Airlines.

When you will arrive at the airport then you will get a notification through a United representative or skycap (if skycap service is available at that airport) that you need a wheelchair for transportation to your departure gate. The width of these wheelchairs is 18 inches (45.7 cm).

For your ease, the following airports have assistance centers in their lobbies, which are placed near:

• DEN – Terminal West, Level 6, between Doors 614-616 • EWR – Terminal C, Level 2, Door 4 • IAD – Main Terminal, Door 4B • LAX – Terminal 7, Door L2-10 • ORD – Terminal 1, Door 1G • SFO – Terminal 3, Do

Types of Wheelchairs Facilities

The facility of United Airlines is explained as further:

Aisle wheelchairs United Airlines offer aisle wheelchairs for transferring the non-ambulatory customers to and from their seats on the aircraft.

Onboard wheelchairs These have a special design that is to fit the aircraft and will be used to access the lavatory. Each aircraft with more than 60 seats has an onboard wheelchair. The in-flight staffs are trained in the use of this wheelchair and will assist you.

Accessible boarding There are some flights in which jet bridges are unavailable. In these situations, a traveler assists lift, mechanical lift, ramp, or a stair chair physically carried by airline staff (in international locations only) may be used for boarding and deplaning. The United Airlines customer service phone number is available 24 hours. You can contact them directly as well to book assistance.

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