I always wanted to be a writer. Not for any sort of accolade or money. But just because I loved stories. They brought me somewhere. Made me think differently.

When I was probably 11 years old my brother started recommending me to read books. Things like 'Martian Chronicles' and 'Journeys Out of the Body.'

It was these books that became a foundation for me. Laid something out in front. 'I want to do that.' I want to write.

This blog is simple. It's a journey to becoming what I want to become. A walk up the mountain with me. Wherever it leads.

It's a way to stay accountable to honing my craft, to entertain myself, and to talk about where I'm at.

I've always believed that when we keep things locked up inside, nothing gets done and right now, I need to get shit done. Simple.

Here's a blog about beginning something I've wanted to begin for a while—becoming a writer. Whatever that means.