Writing A Book, Doing The Work

I've been trying to write a book for my entire life. But I've never done it. I guess I haven't felt like I had anything worthwhile to say. Or that I wasn't good enough to do it. And as much as I know that these are just stories I tell myself, still I haven't done the thing I've wanted to do most in my life.

What is a book about? For some, it seems like a way to escape from their reality. To put aside the mundane and the boredom and escape to a life more exciting, filled with magic, where anything is possible.

Writing for me isn't about escaping my life. It's about really living my life. Seeing and feeling the minute parts of ourselves and our lives that get glossed over, but which hold an extraordinary amount of energy and connection.

I found a document I'm working on called 'Book 1.' Really, it's a vision document—something I add to as a way of holding the energy of my work. In it there is a single line that reads:

I am reclaiming the songs in my bones, hidden no longer.

This is the crux of why I write. Truly, I believe each of our lives is a work of art. Something like a song. Trapped within ourselves. Maybe it's trapped in our bones, in our minds, in our boxes, but it's not expressed. And so our lives become mundane and boring. Our lives lack life. They're simply a conglomeration of what we're told to do and believe.

But what if we didn't live our lives like that? For me, what if I wrote the book? What if I let myself do the thing I've always wanted to do? What would that change for me? How would I be different?

And what if you did the same? How would you be different?