5 Most Common Mistakes in a Student Research Paper A research paper is a difficult assignment that requires in-depth analysis, information gathering, and the ability to reach a scientifically sound conclusion. It follows a standard framework and structure in general. However, some changes depend on the subject the researcher is working on. When it comes to research paper writing, learners tend to make the same mistakes, so it is crucial to avoid them before submitting an assignment. Here is a rundown of the most common blunders to stay away from. 1) Incorrect Citations One of the most important things is the topic of the paper. Direct quotations can help with literature, history, history, culture, or whatever else. Without paraphrasing, direct ones are supplied in the text. It is usual practice to quote only original sources directly. Students in literature will use citations from the examined text, while they can use first-hand witness evidence from the historical period. If one is writing a scientific research article in, for example, chemistry, or physics, they should not utilize any direct citations. 2) Use of Tenses This is yet another common blunder. In general, research articles use the past tense when discussing facts that have already been proven and expressed and the present tense when discussing common knowledge. The incorrect usage of tenses might cause the reader to become confused. It is also crucial to double-check grammar and spelling. 3) Irrelevant Information There is no need to utilize anecdotal evidence or broad background material in the research report; everything one says should be pertinent to this subject and investigation. Students can utilize Edu Birdie to receive assistance from professional writers on how to develop a good and relevant research paper. One should just provide necessary information to explain their strategy, its significance, and the topic under investigation. A learner should not begin by discussing the complete periodic elements table if they are working on a specific Chemistry formula. When writing a scientific article, it is also critical to adopt an objective voice; there should be no big words, oversimplification, or sentimentalism. 4) Incorrect Paper Structure Because of the wide range of subjects, there is some flexibility in the basic outline; however, the learner needs to stick to the rules and make sure they have all of the necessary sections. They should not omit methodology or place it in an inconvenient location; instead, create an outline before writing and double-check that it is logical and appropriate. 5) Not Paying Attention to the Introduction It is a vital feature of any paper because it establishes the tone for the entire piece. A clear thesis statement and references to the main arguments are required here. It is also critical to emphasize why this particular topic is vital to investigate and what the findings can entail for the status of research. Conclusion Both the formatting and the content of a research paper should be faultless. The learners should make sure they perform thorough research and appropriately write their thesis statement. One should always double-check the paper for grammar errors, tenses, and general readability. One is bound to deliver a perfect research paper if one avoids the above mistakes.