On becoming a sunflower

We are sorry to inform you this out-breath will be your last.

There will be no in-breath, you’re done.

Just exhale.

It’s over, and that’s okay.

Sinking towards nothingness you’ll find your earthly identities fading from your memory.

Your appearance, gender, profession, nationality, your name.. ..all disappearing.

Faint memories of a life that was.

What remains are the familial bonds, because connections of love are forever.

You may have been killed by a real son-of-a-bitch. But every son is also your brother, for their mother will grieve for you just the same.

A mother’s love is forever, and for everyone.

It’s all the same now. You are one and the same.

As you delve ever deeper into the darkness, fear not. It may be over for you, but it’s not the end.

Nothingness is not a real place; it is an impossibility.

No thing can possibly arise out of nothing, therefore there has always been something, just as your being was never nothing.

The good news is that you have always been and will forever go on being.

The bad news is that your body is temporary and bound to perish.

But Death is compassionate. It demands surrender, but in exchange it grants transformation.

Once the heart stops beating and the body goes cold, the earth below will receive it in a warm embrace.

After death, there can only be life again.

In the earth you shall be reborn, divided into every living thing, reduced to one with everything.

So rest easy, let go completely, and follow this last breath into infinity.

In complete detachment the breath continues effortlessly. Now you may raise your head high, reaching for tomorrow’s sunrise, to bloom anew.

Sincerely, The Undergrowth