Posts about observations, conceptions and ideas that are held by myself

#1 Self-reflection

I begin this, with the aspirations of being able to clear my mind, vent my concepts and grow as a person.

Self-reflection, serious thought about one's character and actions.

We're happy with filling our hours with nonsensical drivel, the pursuit of material goods and life endangering foods. Our social interactions and political discourse happen in an internet made 'echo chamber' where much like entertainment, money or food is only there to serve us empty satisfication. We argue to win, We watch to distract, We spend to feel happy, We eat to fill a void. We do so much in order to viewers and build an image of self, corporations are literally profiting millions off of this obsession of trying to one up on each other. This constant need of validation and blue ticks.

All whilst ignoring the self. As cliche as it seems, the one opinion we completely disregard is our own. We hate ourselves and love complete strangers, we give advice to others but ignore ourselves. We try to make our life seem great, try to make other people's lives better all while ignoring our own.

This pandemic has provided few good things, one of the most important being; having to be alone with ourselves. For many its the first time they've ever had to be with their own thoughts and it's a scary proposition. Having to deal with your own baggage, the reality of your current state and your worth.

For me, it has forced me to look within myself and be honest. Being able to self-reflect for extended periods of time often being driven to what seems insanity has given me a new perspective, forced me to try and live a more balanced life.

This blog is an attempt to reflect upon concepts I hold, be able to articulate what I think and ultimately try and improve myself. All while having it written for posterity. Unfortunately, as I endevour this tumultuous journey, much like me it's going to be all over the place, unpolished and probably horrid. But alas, I shall attempt to push through this and as my writings become organised and polished as will my mind.

A Note Well, I planned on writing on topics and ideas, and releasing once a week, get consistent content out there and ultimately learn out to articulate my opinions and views on subjects, concepts and the like. But unfortunately after the first post (ironically named – it was called first, but not the last), two things came to mind.

First being, I was unhappy with the overall quality of the post. I feel as if I didn't really do a good enough job articulating myself (but I also knew that practise makes better) and that I wasn't happy with how I structed the opinion piece/essay (whatever you want to call it.) So I decided I needed a more refined approach, which was not easy as I couldn't dedicate the time and thought I wanted.

Second was; the difficulty in trying to write down thoughts, concepts you hold to paper at a whim. I know it's strange thing to say (or read) but it's something I have never done. I've only ever talked about things in discussions and when you're engaging with someone else, having a back and forth that's when my mind is firing on all cylinders and I'm able to articulate things, link them with other knowledge I hold et cetera. But with writing it I struggled a lot as my main roadblock was; “What shall I write about??” This racked my mind a lot and still does (if you have any suggestions, be sure to send a carrier pigeon), so I wrote a list down, I'm not sure how good it is but it's a start.

I've also decided (well kinda) on my next topic and hopefully the one after that. At the moment I got; Cultural Appropriation and either Financial Independence or Legacy.

So something to work towards, I'm hoping to have a consistent release day (either Sunday or Monday) once I release the second post.

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