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How to Convert Google MBOX to PST? An integrated approach that is free of all challenges. And you will near perfect conversion of emails in no time.

There are a couple of ways you can get the data in Google MBOX to other email clients. One, and the most common, is to convert to PST using a third-party software.

Tool to Convert Google MBOX to PST

The one recommended often is 'Mail Extractor Pro'. It is not a mere MBOX to PST conversion app but can offer many other features, such as direct conversion of Apple Mail and Thunderbird profile database into PST files.

how to convert google mbox to pst

However, for the purpose of this article, we are only focusing on the best way to convert Gmail to PST.

Google's MBOX file

First, let us tackle the question of what is MBOX file, or more specifically, what is Google’s MBOX file?

MBOX is a standard format used in email applications to store data, like in Apple Mail and Thunderbird and other emailing software. It can keep the data as backup and you can use it to restore/import data too.

Google also uses MBOX to archive the emails in Gmail. You can do so by going to site, login to your account, and choose the folders in Gmail you want to archive.

However, this MBOX file is not supported by Outlook Windows and Outlook Mac.

The Easy to use tool

But what you can do is convert it to PST. And that’s something ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ is very adept in. It is one of the few converters with a friendly UI and sophisticated mechanism to keep the data and structure secure. With ever other converter, you are likely to face data loss and integrity damage.

convert google mbox to pst

Accurate conversion

It is not uncommon to find broken images, messed up folder hierarchy, or damaged Unicode content. But ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ employs several unique and cutting-edge algorithms to compute and convert your information that does no damage or unwanted modification during the process. In other words, what you input is exactly what you get as output, except in PST format.

Preserve everything while converting your data

Other benefit of choosing ‘Mail Extractor Pro’ over any other tool is that it allows for batch conversion. You can select multiple MBOX files and convert them to all in PST in one go. Even though, many basic home users might never require this feature, but for larger projects, it can be an irreplaceable function. It does so without affecting the performance, stability, or precision of data output.

There are targeted logic for more complex information like Unicode text from headers, large and non-textual attachments, HTML formatted emails, folder hierarchy, and more.

Other notable aspects of the app are:

  1. It works on Mac OS X while not requiring much CPU resources. In other words, it is very lightweight
  2. Works without internet
  3. There is a free trial version that you can download now.
  4. The several licensing options allow you to get the version that most fit your project (like household, small company, or large corporation)
  5. The updates are offered regularly and are always free

You can get the setup from the download link here.

google mbox to pst

Get it today to export Thunderbird to PST as well as Apple Mail, Postbox, MBOX to PST for Mac & Windows Outlook.

Several companies don't even know how to design a converter but with the ill intentions of making profits by duping users they manufacture innumerable converter advertisements throughout the year. Such software(s) are solely for business purpose with no facility available to serve the users and simplify importing Apple Mail to Outlook app. So for an important task as importing EMLX format mail to Outlook or converting the file format it is very important that you never use such third grade converter software which will risk your entire database and even the system at times. Make sure to never place yourself and your data in a vulnerable situation by using any unauthorized and forged converter software.

Without a third party tool you can't import Apple mail to Outlook in a short time.

For an effortless and successful import from Apple Mail to Outlook the requirements are very minimal. You simply need a good third party Mac Mail Mbox to PST Migration software which will not cease to function under the heavy load of the files to undergo conversion. When these tools were first designed there were not many features or facilities. The entire process was almost manual. With time the manual steps were gradually decreased. So since a long time users had been hoping for a converter which will operate completely automatically and import Apple Mail to Outlook without much user intervention.

This wish got fulfilled only now with the introduction of USL Software's Mail Extractor Pro. With the introduction of this software there has been a boost in the converter industry. The tool can be compared to a fictional superhero that has innumerable powers. The only difference between the two is that this converter is completely authentic and not a fiction. Each of the advertised properties exists without a single evidence of error.

import apple mail to outlook

A converter should always be easy to operate.

When converter software becomes easy to use for the users, it also means that the company has hired some skilled engineers and technicians to build up the software. Due to the unavailability of efficient converting mediums these companies charge a very high price which is not bearable by a major class of the society. In such cases software will not be able to gain huge profits. Most important, the tool to import Mac mail to Outlook should always be with the intention to serve for a good purpose rather than thinking only about personal profits. This is the exact mindset of every individual involved behind the manufacturing of USL Software's Mail Extractor Pro.

With this converter every step is very easy to understand and proceed with in order to import Apple Mail to Outlook. The entire process has been made error less irrespective of the data size or type. Bulk files which were once a headache are now nothing more than a batch of files that needs to be converted to PST format. So importing Mac mail to Outlook is now a clear and easy to perform task with this Mbox to PST converter.

USL software shares a proud moment every now and then as the email conversion solutions provided by it often gain public appreciation for their impeccable performance records. OST Extractor Pro, one of the creations of USL software, has been rated as the ace provider of solutions for importing OST to Outlook.

import ost to outlook

The reasons are simple and clear; the Microsoft OST to PST converter Software is extremely user-friendly and consistently gives out stupendous results. What is more is that this tool is quite affordable and therefore is the favorite choice for ost to pst conversion amongst a large number of users. Do not miss the opportunity to get a hold of this tool by clicking on the link below.

Download it here:

importing ost to outlook

An uncomplicated tutorial for beginners for importing OST to Outlook!

While OST Extractor Pro is a self manageable application, its process of importing OST to Outlook has still been detailed here-under for those who might be new at the job.

(1) The first major step towards importing OST to Outlook via OST Extractor Pro is to get hands on the right copy of the tool as per the user requirements. There are two basic categories: fully paid version and free demo trial version.

Fully paid version further comes under different license keys such as Standard, Household, Business, and Enterprise. An individual user must choose the Standard license key for them while for family purposes Household key can be utilized. For full details on the same, visit the site.

What follows the choice of the key is a simple registration process and after successful registration, the users receive license key details via email which can be entered after the installation of the tool on the system.

Free demo trial version, as the name suggests, is directly downloadable and can be used right away. However, this version restricts the conversions to 10 files per folder.

(2) Once the tool has been downloaded and installed, the OST files database must be uploaded onto the tool by using its search option to locate the files on the local disk space.

(3) The tool displays all the files and folders so as to allow the users to finalize the content. At this stage, the option to remove any unwanted folders remains open to the users. Via a single click option (that can be located towards the bottom corner), all the empty folders can be ignored too.

(4) The next step is to choose the PST file size. It is recommended to keep the file size under 15 GB.

(5) Other than importing OST to Outlook, this tool also imports OST to Apple mail, MBOX, Thunderbird, Postbox, and EML. That is which engenders the need for the next step which is to carefully choose the output as PST.

(6) A prompt to reserve the disk space for the converted PST files would come up. Choose a location as per your preference.

(7) Hit on convert. Watch the progress report, if need be.

Thunderbird to PST conversion is not an easy task at all. It has been considered the most difficult conversion task of all times. It can really make conversion process hell for its customers. The task is known for unlimited time, energy and money consumption. Therefore, it is necessary that new practitioners proceed for the task with some guidelines.


To export Thunderbird to PST, one needs to take care of many things. Customers can easily make the conversion process easy and smooth with the help of these guidelines. First rule is to never use the manual process for the task. The manual process for the task is full of complications and requires high skill set which normal practitioners do not possess. It is avoided also because it can be very risky for the database.



The second rule is to get a professional tool for this task. The professional tool will help you in making the right decision for the exportation process. A professional tool should not be very hard to find. It should belong to a reliable company with a rich history of exporting Thunderbird to PST without failure. It should also have variety of testimonials to its name. The company should be a certified company.

The professional tool shall possess a number of rich features which will bring the best Thunderbird to PST converter to the forefront. Some of these features are as follows:-


A professional tool’s interface shall be very safe and smooth. Its interface must be so user-friendly and interactive that it can easily make customers feel at home. The interface will further make customers comfortable by demystifying the task. This is usually done with the help of self-explanatory wizards.


A professional tool will leave nothing behind in terms of conversions. The tool will make the conversion process a delight. It will convert everything from mails to database to meta-data content. The tool will also preserve texts of non-English language. It should also be capable of converting double byte character language such as Japanese and Chinese.


Only a professional tool will take care of preserving the folder arrangement. It will make sure that the original folder arrangement is always preserved no matter what. This is important because it helps in easily accessing the converted files after the conversion process is over.

There are many tools one can choose from. However the best tool one can use is Mail Extractor Pro by USL software. The tool possesses all the features described above. It can also make the conversion process easy and smooth with the help of it latest technologies and is the only tool you will need for all Thunderbird to PST conversion needs.

Export Thunderbird to PST

Free trial version

The tool also has a free trial version which helps potential customers in making the right choices. The tool’s demo version comes with a limited time period. Get the offer as soon as you can!

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Export Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac and Windows in A Best Way

Muster up your mails under one mailing head – Use Mail Extractor Pro to export Mac mail to Outlook.

With the advent of internet came flooding several mailing options. Since then all of us have been creating our identities across distinct mailing client platforms. An identity on Mac mail, then another one on Outlook, next on Thunderbird, and so on and so forth. But there does come a point in a user’s life when managing these accounts becomes arduous. And if you have reached that stage then this article can help you take the next step.

Best Way to Export Mac Mail to Outlook

After having identified the problem of mail transfers, we must know that converter tools are the answer to it. And when companies like USL software are at work, then solutions are created before people can even realize the problems.

Mail Extractor Pro was created to cater to the conversion problems for Outlook users. This tool alone will let you convert the mailing data of various email clients to Outlook. This tool other than converting Mac mail to Outlook can help you convert Thunderbird, Postbox, and MBOX to PST for Mac Outlook as well as Windows Outlook. This is what new generation technology is all about.

Get the benefits of using the best Mac mail to Outlook converter Mail Extractor Pro is the highest rated conversion tool in the market. The biggest selling point is that it keeps giving and asks for very less in return. This Mac mail to Outlook converter tool can be purchased at a very justified price and of course the value that it adds is way more than that.

Let’s have a glimpse of pros of using this Mac mail to Outlook converter.

  • Gives bulk conversion option which is helpful for users looking forward to converting large database
  • Gives auto-load and manual-load options. The Auto-load option saves a lot of time for the users as the tool can directly pick the data from the default folders
  • Converts everything on the files and leaves nothing behind. This list includes elements like attachments, contacts, calendars, to and from data, etc.
  • Preserves the structure of the mails in the form of folder hierarchy, nested messages, etc
  • Ignores empty folders and hence leaves space for the important content
  • Splits the large PST files. The files size can be set upto 15GB.
  • Gives accurate results without any modification
  • Extremely simple conversion process that can be understood even by beginners.
  • Log report to check the status of conversion helps the users keep a track of the progress.
  • Bug-free tool leading to zero damage reports.
  • Great user-friendly interface which makes the overall understanding very easy.
  • 24*7 customer support, if anyone gets stuck at any point.

As can be seen, the benefits are more than any user can ask for. What’s more interesting is the fact that these amazing features can also be availed absolutely free of cost. There is a free demo version for this Mac mail to Outlook converter.

Free Trial to Export Mac Mail to Outlook

To download this version, Click Here.

Get a clear picture of what Mac mail MBOX to PST migrations demand from the users!

Mac mail MBOX to PST migrations are gnarly to execute and entail transfer of items such as text files, attachments, media, etc from one format to the other. This is purely a technical affair!

Mac Mail MBOX to PST Migration Tool

The downright elucidation above serves as the reference point for most of the users. Their understanding is influenced by their experiences with futile converters and that is why the other side of Mac mail MBOX to PST migrations never becomes evident to them. But this won’t happen anymore! We are here to change the perception and make the users understand how simple this process can be for them with the use of Mail Extractor Pro.

Mail Extractor Pro is an email converter tool that has been built to serve users of multiple email clients to move their mails to Outlook PST. This certainly includes Mac mail MBOX to PST migrations. It is a well though-through tool and thereby is great at satisfying every aspect of the Mac mail MBOX to PST migrations.

There is conclusively no requirement to educate oneself on the technical aspects of the process as this tool simplifies the whole process to make it intelligible for even the beginners. It is quick and accurate in its approach and is thereby given a constant 5 star rating by the users. Without delaying it any further, let us have a detailed discussion on this Mac mail MBOX to PST migration tool.

Mail Extractor Pro and its numerous virtues!

Mail Extractor Pro extends huge benefits to its users in the form different features that can be utilized to cut short the effort on migrating Mac mail MBOX to PST. Each one of these features is unique in its own way. Here is the list of features of this Mac mail MBOX to PST migrations tool:

  1. Serves Multiple users: The tool can transfer Mac Mail, Apple mail, MBOX, Thunderbird and Postbox to Outlook PST, all with the same strength and vigor.
  2. Automated upload mechanism: This tool takes down the technical part of archiving the mails and instead takes over the job by automating the upload process of the database. As such users do not have to get involved in the complicated tasks.
  3. Bulk conversions: The users get to transfer multiple files at once. The bulk conversion feature is great for users with large database.
  4. Preserves folder hierarchy: In transferring the data files from Mac mail MBOX to PST this tool does not impact the integrity of the data. It maintains the framework of the files just right.
  5. Converts everything: This tool converts every speck of data and leaves nothing behind in a conversion job.
  6. Set the PST file size: There is an option to control the size of the files that get created. It is advisable to keep this size up to 15GB only.
  7. Simple interface: Comes with a user-friendly interface.
  8. Fast conversions: It converts the data at superfast speed.
  9. Safe: It is safe for use.

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Businesses do not have all the time in the world for secondary processes like conversions. One does not need a tool which will further delay their primary jobs. Thus, a speedy and reliable tool is of utmost importance to large organizations.

One of best OST file converter tool is OST Extractor Pro by USL software.


OST Extractor Pro is very simple to use and, hence, does not require any prior special knowledge to be operated. It can be used by laymen proficiently too. The tool has been made to give customers delight in the process of OST to PST Conversion and that it does primarily with the help of its user interface.

OST Extractor Pro user interface is user-friendly and interactive. Plus, its self-explanatory wizards help customers in executing a tough task such as OST to PST Conversion in just a few clicks. This tool will get your employees execute OST to PST Conversion in no time at all and without breaking a sweat.

It is a primary need of a company to save time. For that it needs to focus on its primary tasks and not on secondary tasks such as OST to PST Conversion. Therefore, any company would wish that it converts its entire OST database in one take, and can carry on with its primary tasks.

OST Extractor Pro exceeds every organization’s expectations. It is fully capable of converting OST database in bulk. It does that with the help of batch strategy which helps it in chunking down any size of OST database in convertible chunks. From there it proceeds to convert these chunks simultaneously.

Through, this it saves companies a lot of time without compromising the quality of OST to PST Conversions. That is why OST Extractor Pro is the number one choice of every organization.

Preserves folder hierarchy – OST Extractor Pro also preserves folder hierarchy which can help your company’s employees to locate their desired converted file which they want to work with, extract it and start working with it as soon as possible. This is very essential for resuming the workflow immediately after conversion process is over.

To make sure that customers really enjoy their investment, USL Software has provided a free trial version of OST Extractor Pro. This demo version with all the premium features of OST Extractor Pro can help any company’s executives in knowing their investment’s worth without any investment.

USL Software offers two licenses to commercial organizations. First is business license which costs only $199. It can be installed on 100 MAC/PC on two locations. All features have been included in this license and it can be used infinitely.

Second license is meant for large enterprises. This license is called Enterprise license and it costs $599. It can be installed in unlimited MAC/PC. It comes with all features included and lifetime license. Both licenses are valid for lifetime along with free lifetime updates.

Try Now at

So, there is no need to panic when it comes to OST to PST Conversion. Get OST Extractor Pro right now, and be done with it!

Get the absolute best when you Transfer Mac Mail to PST

Email Conversion should come with a statutory warning: “It is hard to perform”. But sadly, it doesn’t. And none of the regular users can avoid this treacherous task.

So, there is only way left. Making the process smarter. And Mail Extractor Pro has done it. Now Transfer Mac Mail to PST Outlook the smart way.

Email Conversion: The Insight for better results

In the last decade, the way of communication has entirely flipped on its head. The Postcards, letter and the physical mail system, which was the backbone of communication, is dying a fast death.

All of this because of the cheaper, smarter and faster means of communication, Email. With the evolution of Internet and technology email became the ultimate way of transferring data and has led to where we are today.

Fast, efficient and free, plus it can carry anything, thing that define email perfectly. But as we become more independent on emails and data reaching the importance that it has today, it’s protection has become the primary issue.

To keep it all in check you need to Transfer Mac Mail to PST Outlook or any other providers. Earlier, manually converting them was the route that was taken but it didn’t produce the desired result.

Third-party converters are the answer to this. And there is no better option than Mail Extractor Pro to Transfer Mac Mail to PST Outlook. Accurate, Precise and Fast: It has it all

The quality of the conversion process depends on how accurate your converter tool is. Mail Extractor Pro offers you the best in class conversion accuracy.

The tool converts everything present in your input file down to the last bit while Transferring Mac Mail to PST Outlook.

The tool solves the long overdue issues faced by the users like data loss or data being left unconverted. The tools do so by automating the process of loading up of the email database file.

This reduces human intervention and human prone error. This solves the problem of data loss and with the accuracy that converts everything present in the input file, the tool solves the problem of data being left unconverted too.

Preserves the entire database with 100% results

The precision of the tool is such that even retains the folder hierarchy of the input file when you Transfer Mac Mail to PST Outlook. This makes the output file a copy of the input file that makes the post conversion problems easy.

Interface to do it all easily

To top it all off the tool offers you the best interface there is for a converter tool used to Transfer Mac Mail to PST Outlook. The interface of Mail Extractor pro makes the conversion process easier than it is.

With informative wizards and dialog boxes to guide you through the conversion process at each step, the tool makes it all a pleasant experience.

Download the trial to transfer Mac Mail to PST

Get it here –

Download the free trial offered by the tool today and get started with the process of Transferring Mac Mail to PST Outlook.