A few days ago, Mark Stephens (aka “Robert Cringely”), started suggesting that victims of his Mineserver scam are members of a “Jihad”:


That's a new low, even for Mr. Stephens. At least in the past Mark and his followers tried to sweep his fraud under the rug, by simply brushing away his victims as “trolls” or “spammers”.

Now Mr. Stephens is equating his victims with terrorists? Seriously?

Instead of simply stopping his ongoing criminal enterprise, he now has the brass balls to ask his marks to look for “a new shipping schedule in a couple more weeks”. This after years of delays, misdirection, and many months without any updates.

In fact, Mr. Stephens’ Kickstarter campaign has still not been updated, where the last post on November 10th blathers on about shipping “week after next”:


Mr. Stephens now claims that $20,000 worth of parts were “BURNED DOWN” (his capitalization, not mine) and that for unknown reasons, the State of California doesn’t believe him. (More on this in a moment.)

If Mr. Stephens insists on continuing his life of crime, then perhaps he could at least respond to some of these latest developments and other relevant facts?






In Mr. Stephens’ “Boils” blog post, he claimed that his neighbor's homes burned down too:


Or was that just more of his usual “embellishment” to make his post more dramatic?

By the way, for the benefit of anyone else investigating Mr. Stephens’ claims, the address at 1934 Los Alamos Road is accessed from Holst Road, which intersects Los Alamos Road just before it dead ends. There's a sign post at the turnoff for Holst Road that shows the Los Alamos Road addresses that are located on the turnoff:


Thanks to Redfin for clearing up this bit of local trivia. (A number of other posters in earlier blog posts were wondering why the street addresses in Mr. Stephen's neighborhood didn't seem to correspond with what was shown on the map.)

The many customers from whom Mark Stephens took money and never delivered a product are his victims, not the other way 'round.

If Mr. Stephens insists on continuing his fraudulent business, engaging in name-calling, and pretending that he is somehow a victim and his marks are simply trolls, spammers, and now terrorists, then details about Mr. Stephen’s ongoing fraud will be posted everywhere he appears online that has a comments section.

Until this fraud stops, the investigation continues...