Younique Tale 11

Last year, Jacki Puzik, the VP of creative services at Younique, did a Facebook Live in which she professed that the model images used for Younique were totally natural.

Uh. They're not.

You'd better believe that every. single. model Younique uses is Photoshopped within an inch of her life. Retouchers can spend entire days on a single image. Younique also regularly uses its employees as models to save money. But, interestingly enough, Jacki uses herself as a model and chooses a slew of very young, very pretty models along with her.

You won't ever see an older or overweight Younique employee being used as a model (unless they have darker skin, in which case they're used over and over again).

And product photos are retouched, too, because their palettes are so cheap that the product gets everywhere. I love that the special edition anniversary Addiction palette had crooked mirrors on the inside of the palette; their quality control is nonexistent.

Uplift. Empower. Validate. (You're not young or thin enough to wear Younique's makeup on camera.)