The Poverty Machinery

There is nothing i want more than to keep you poor my whole machinery is based around your poverty cause how can i be rich without you how can i be wealthy if not for poverty there is nothing else to do to turn you like a screw tight in my directors board and keep you poor to hold the fortress safe and tight i cause distress and let you fight for a slice of bread fight to the death for a quiet night in bed fight to the death for getting ahead fight to the death if your sort get to close to near my head i'll name you as foes and hang you by the head by hand of the henchmen my bread rented homies my money made slaves to folter you for the folly to get what i want you to crave

there is nothing i want more more then i had the day before i do not need it yet i want it and to get there i've made the stairs for you to climb and made the cracks in every step i can make you fall @ every step you take and most of them are fake you can't reach anything without my per mission but to believe i'm there on top of those stairs i need you there at the bottom and anywhere inbetween so that i can be seen for my richness to be real so please be kind look up to me from day of birth till the day you die because if you don't there is no reality in me