E-liquids are arguably the most important part of the vaping experience. After all, without e-liquids, there’d be nothing to vape. But there’s still confusion as to what exactly an e-liquid is. So here, blu breaks down e-liquids and explains why they’re so important.

E-liquids are the fluids used to deliver nicotine to a vaper. Unlike traditional cigarettes, which burn tobacco to generate the nicotine, e-cigarettes don’t burn anything. Instead, e-cigs heat e-liquids to produce a water based vapour that can be inhaled and exhaled.

E-liquid can come in either a cartridge or a bottle. Cartridges are used in Closed System e-cigarette devices that you can’t fill up with bottled e-liquid. These cartridges contain e-liquid, and you simply screw them onto your Closed System e-cigarette. E-liquids are available in a variety of nicotine strengths, so vapers can select the strength that best suits their taste.

E-liquid can also come in small bottles that are to be used with Open System e-cigarette devices that can only be refilled with bottled e-liquid. Cartridges cannot be used in this kind of device. Instead, a small amount of e-liquid should be dripped into the device’s clearomiser.