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Hello 👋 This blog is just an attempt to write stories and notes about planetary science and science (... and maybe some off-topic subject) that I’ll later organize in other folders.

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Così come Einstein notò che il tempo non era assoluto ma dipendeva dal moto dell’osservatore nello spazio, e che lo spazio non era assoluto ma dipendeva dal moto dell’osservatore nel tempo, altri hanno notato che i numeri non sono un assoluto, ma dipendono dal moto degli osservatori nei ristoranti.

Douglas Adams, Life, the Universe and Everything


It could happen. One morning you wake up like every other morning in your life, but you discover that everything has changed.


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I wrote this post in September 2015 when there was great excitement for the possible discovery of flowing water on the martian surface. The mentioned study was updated in 2017 and can be found here: Recurring Martian Streaks: Flowing Sand, Not Water?

Right now, the Ingenuity helicopter is sending new images from the surface.

It’s interesting to think how fast our understanding of Mars is changing.


... just another “hello world post”