Vaults & Vagabonds Character Creation Part 1.5

In my previous post about ability scores in Vaults & Vagabonds i laid out some details around what they mean and how they should be determined. I omitted the complete and necessary steps to create a character in my game, because I figured I could do it later. However, for the sake of organization I decided to outline the steps I have in my head before I go any further in the describing the character creation in detail.

  1. Roll 3d6 six times and assign to the abilities in order.
  2. Choose a character class.
  3. Roll hit points using your class' HD. Reroll 1's at 1st level.
  4. If your class is a spellcaster choose beginning spell(s) from a list provided by the referee.
  5. Copy to-hit-numbers and saving throws from your class.
  6. Choose alignment.
  7. Roll for money or starting equipment pack. Update your character's Armor Class (AC) if necessary.
  8. Roll for one unique mundane item.
  9. Choose (or roll if you want) gender.
  10. Give your character a name.

And that's it. For now. I don't believe more will be necessary, but it might change. The steps need not be done in this order. It just made the most sense to me right now.

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