Vaults & Vagabonds Character Creation Part I

Progress is slowly being made on Vaults & Vagabonds. Thoughts and discussions exists outside this blog, but for the sake of organization and sanity I must write down some of the progress. The outlines given here are not formatted nor final and should, at best, be considered preliminary to the finished document.

Previously I listed some of the principles of old school games as I understand them. I started playing RPG's in the late 80's, first using the Basic rules, but quickly expanded to the 2nd edition of the game. One might say that I've never really played in an old school game, but then again very few people have. I guess most people today only use second or third hand sources to base their play on. With this in mind, i.e. that I don't have first hand experience with the old style, and that my background mainly is from newer versions of the game, I start with the basics and see how it evolves from there.

Ability scores

To determine ability scores roll 3d6 six times and assign the six totals (3 – 18) to the standard abilities in order.

The ability scores generate bonuses that sometimes will be added to specific die rolls. The bonuses mainly apply when rolling d20 to accomplish difficult tasks with an uncertain outcome. How this works will be explained in detail later. Other uses of bonuses will be explained below.

Note: Penalties (negative values) always apply to all classes. Bonuses might only apply to specific classes.

The bonuses are as follows:

Score Bonus %
3 -2 -10%
4 – 7 -1 -5%
8 – 13 0 0
14 – 17 +1 +5%
18 +2 +10%

The six abilities are as follows:

Next up: Character Classes

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