Coil Content Review: September 18th, 2019 (and the XRP Community Choice Awards)

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Happy Wednesday everyone!

Before I dive into the Coil Content Review, I have one important spotlight to shine on the XRP and Coil Community.


Check out their Twitter account @Here4XRP.

The goal here is to raise funds for the XRP Community Fund. Not sure what that is? Check out their Coil page for the official announcement. Hodor's blog here also contains a detailed write-up of what the fund is all about.

The TLDR of the XRP Community fund:

It's a non-profit organization that is overseen by eight board members with voting privileges. The fund was created to support projects that enhance the use of XRP or its features. (i.e. If you have an interest in the digital asset XRP, you are going to want to pay attention to the developments of this group).

The purpose of Here4XRP is to raise 10,000 XRP to donate to this fund. How are they doing that?

Glad you asked, dear reader.

*The XRP Community Choice Awards*

This event will take place on November 16th, 2019. Tickets to participate are a meager 5 XRP a piece. The event will be held on Youtube Live and will feature appearances and performances from members of our very own, rapidly expanding community.

The official announcement video is below:

The Coil, Cinnamon, and XRP Communities have always been linked, but an event like this is a fantastic way to bridge these communities to build support for the XRP ecosystem. I like to think beyond the profit potential of the XRP asset. Of course, I want to be filthy stinkin rich like most of you, but I also want to be apart of the IoV. As a community, we can not rely solely on Ripple and Xpring to do that job for us. Ultimately, in order for an IoV to take shape, the community has to embrace it.

How else can you embrace your part in the IoV?

Purchasing a ticket is the simplest way, or if you are feeling more ambitious, they still need volunteers to help out:

If you have more questions on how you can help, reach out to @sincerelygeorge or directly to the @Here4XRP.

Now, go buy your ticket and come back for the Coil Content Review.

I'll wait.

Welcome back!

Let's take a look at five content creators on Coil! Don't forget to follow creators you like, and up-vote posts you enjoy!

(Disclaimer, I'm running with the assumption that content creators want their stuff advertised, so I did not seek permission before singing their praises. Many simply do not have avenues to contact them on their Coil page. If a creator does not want their stuff listed here, shoot me a message on Twitter or on Reddit and I will happily edit this to take it off)

Dom O'Regan

Coil Page: Click here

Careful folks.

Dom gets political. I typically shy away from politics on Coil for the sole reason that it is a very divisive topic, but I'm not afraid to feature a Coil user who is putting out well informed, high effort work to share his views. Mr. O'Regan takes a deep dive into whatever topic he is writing about. This is not your average Facebook comment thread level of political discussion here. These are well researched articles that are rather informative.

He also has a few good articles about music, because despite the popular belief on both sides, your political views do not have to define everything about your identity.

Just ask Sean Spicer:

Chris Zandbergen

Coil Page: Click here

Youtube Channel: Click here

I've seen a lot of travel blogs come through Coil over the past few days. Mr. Zandbergen is one of them. Canada, Barbados, the mountains...this guy seems to go everywhere for an adventure, and he is taking us a long for the ride.

I need to get out of the house more.

Jay Davies

Coil Page: Click here

Youtube Channel: Click here

I love Reddit.

I spend a lot of time there. The things you read and see range from inspiring, to hysterical, to adorable, and all the way to outright disturbing. Coil user Jay Davies has cataloged hundreds of comments on Reddit into videos that are wildly entertaining to watch.

Reddit can be a strange place.

Anthony F Deziel Jr

Coil Page: Click here

Youtube Channel: Click here

Anthony aka Tony Deziel is a little bit of country, and a little bit of the blues, and a little bit of classic rock. He has a phenomenal voice, and I found myself listening to a few of his covers more than once.

This one was my favorite.

Inspiring Women

Coil Page: Click here

This one is directed to the ladies of Coil. What is Inspiring Women all about?

Why don't I let them answer that for you with their own words?

“The “Inspiring Women” blog full of elegance and speaks the language of women, from basic freedoms to the most basic desires. It is a blog through which to express her thoughts and concerns and all the creativity and ability to give. It's an open debate about everything that matters to women today: fashion, beauty, decor, fitness, maternity, health, women, and more...”

I've already written about my inspiring woman here on Coil. :)

Final Thoughts

In keeping with the spirit of community, let's not forget about the wonderful charities XRP HODLERs can support. There has been so much growth over the past few weeks alone with the creation of a new telegram group, and the steady growth of the Coil Community Subreddit.

I can't wait to see where this thing goes next!

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