The Fires of War: Cult of the Dead- Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: New Arrival

Chapter 2: The Burdens of Leadership

Chapter 3: History Lessons

Chapter 4: A Feast for the Dead

Chapter 5: A Drink among Friends

Chapter 6: Aaru

Chapter 7: A Deal with a Devil

Chapter 8: Two Betrayals

Chapter 9: Sins of the Past

Chapter 10: Last of the Valkyrie

Chapter 11: Ready to Explode

Chapter 12: The Flame

Path of the Exile: Part I

Path of the Exile: Part II

Path of the Exile: Part III

Path of the Exile: Part IV.

Chapter 13: A New Plan

Chapter 14: The Void

Chapter 15: Yomi-tsu-kuni

Chapter 16: A Common Enemy

Chapter 17: Faded Memories