Had my wisdom teeth removed two days ago and man do I feel like crap. My left side feels okay, but my right side oh boy does it feel like it's getting stabbed multiple times.

It's sore. It's tender.

I should be thankful though.

Thursday it was a stabbing pain with difficult and painful swallowing as well as a painful jaw. Could not open my mouth without shit hurting. 8/10 on the pain scale.

Friday was better. I still looked like that puppy that ate a bee, but oh well. The left side wasn't painful anymore but lord the right side still hurt. 6/10 on the pain scale. Still couldn't really open my mouth but I had to eat I guess. Thank you painkillers?

Pre-medicating is the best yo! Always pre-medicate before you eat so you can – ya know – actually eat more.

Today it was a little better.

4/10 on the pain scale. Instead of taking the ibuprofen prescription that I was given, I took the over the counter version and that helped. Right side is still tender and swollen. I'm keeping an eye on this shit because lord knows I don't want any funky shit happening.

Nobody got time for that.