happy birthday

“happy birthday, darling” Osamu embraced me with a tiny smile on his mouth. cut off the distance between us as he gave me a bear hug.

i hugged him,tighter. he noticed the different circumstances as i do my action, immediately kiss my shoulder. i smiled and snuggling my face deeper against the crook of his neck.

“thank you”

i pulled out from his touch, but he still hold my back, resulting me nothing but keep my body lying on his feature.

the tension between us never like this, this whole new. i open my lips, “im the side character isn't?” tilt my head a bit and he looked me down, smiled.

“no, why'd you said that?” he tried keep his tone as usual, but a bit irked feel was fulled his chest.

“haha enggak, just a little overthinking i guess?” i unconsciously let my tears down, with a groggy laugh i wiped the salty liquid.

he frowned and softening his expression, trying to wipe my tears but too late, i back onto his neck. he exhaled a heavy breath, rubbing my back and i really broke into tears this time.

“if you gonna smile afterward, then cry” he stopped rubbing my back and moving to my short hair. i felt a light feathered kiss on my temple.

“i really am, iya kan?”

“no, you're the main character, for me.”