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Problem Statement

In today’s world, access to almost everything has moved to digital means. The streaming and pre-order solutions in the music industry today have become a vital part of music production. You can literally stream new releases to your phone online, yet there is room for solving some interesting problems. Music is one of the highly rated items of daily consumption just like movies, and yet, for most of us, access and distribution are controlled by record labels and streaming sites available.

Some of the problems associated to the music industry are but not limited to the following:

- Fans frequently miss shows from their favorite artists, even when these artists roll into their hometowns.

- Poor payments Structures on streaming platforms.

- Affordability of Ticket Prices.

- Promoting an Upcoming Artist is extremely difficult.

- Low Level of Turnout compared to number of Followers.

The Africahacks Web Monetization cohort has propelled me in the right direction to design a Music streaming website for Nigerian musicians and the whole Africa at large. The website will run on a Web monetization provider – Coil.

Understanding the Why

Web Monetization is an alternative revenue model for the Web. It allows Websites to earn revenue from users without:

· Requiring users to sign-up to a subscription

· Needing to deliver content/services through 3rd-party platforms

· Advertising

For a more detailed description, see web monetization here or you can get started  here.

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Possible Solution

TREBLE is a platform where users can stream music or live shows through a subscription and gets streamed to artist wallet while visitors spend time on their website.

The Website partners with a Web Monetization provider, in this case, Coil a specialised digital wallet capable of processing an incoming stream of very small payments.

Ready to support your favorite artist? Let's get started.

First things first, users subscribe to Coil or any other web monetization providers to be able to access contents from the website.

Each artist will then link his ILP to his web page on the website. This would likely be a digital wallet or a service that specializes in sending micropayments for content. In this case, Uphold is useful to get a payment pointer.

In return for payment, the website provides the user with an alternative “paid for” experience such as not showing advertising, delivering premium content etc.

Treble is quite similar to Netflix in that users can stream contents based on their subscription.

The company’s mission is to do business in a way that is a win-win for both fans and the artists generally.
Using coil, artists can now measure the amount of money you earn in real time as fans spend time on their designated page which solves the problem of poor payment structures.

A quick example is: When a new music is about to be released, there is a countdown to keep the fans anticipating such that everyone is glued to the screen. During this period, payments is being streamed to the artist’s wallet.
Also, upcoming artists can now promote themselves on the website and actually get people to attend their life shows or concerts physically and virtually. Basically, it is a way to turn the online audience into a paying audience who attends concerts/ live shows from home.

And yes, there will be no restrictions unlike Netflix, all contents will be made available to members that subscribe.

User Interview Summary

All users I interviewed are music lovers. Though 3 out of 5 will love to attend live shows offline, 4 out of 5 are likely to use “Treble”.

What More to Expect

The Web Monetization model decouples the user's sender (making payments on their behalf) from the website's receiver (a digital wallet capable of accepting payments for the website).

By using the website as an intermediary the privacy of the user is preserved from both the website and the WM sender.

By providing an alternative revenue model to advertising, Web Monetization indirectly reduces the need for websites to do invasive tracking of their users.

Here is the demo video where I explained how TREBLE works. You can watch now or save for later.

Defining features

I started making a list of the main features that will interest the users.

 Stream new releases

 Micropayments is streamed to an artist through the ILP address to his wallet while users spend time on the webpage of a particular artist.

 Monthly subscriptions to access contents.

 Watch music videos on the website

 Pre order releases

 Buy tickets for live shows

 Watch live concerts, shows or vlogs online

 Promotion of artists

 Fans Hub

 Encourage users by giving promo codes, vouchers, etc.

Rough Sketching

Next, I did some paper sketching, outlining some possible layouts to imagine the interactions the platform needs to support visually.

Low Fidelity Prototype

Check out Treble prototype here:


Thanks for reading!

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You probably must have had a bad experience with sites that display too many ads at the expense of the user’s privacy in order to benefit the content creator / product builder. It’s really frustrating and discouraging, right?

What if I told you that you can have better experience without having to face ads again? It is not an ad blocker so wait for it!

My name is Victoria Ayodeji and I am a content creator in the first cohort of Web Monetization for the Passion Economy program at AfricaHacks where I am building business models around my passion while leveraging on Web Monetization to monetize my contents.

*Web Monetization Explained*

Web monetization is a open technology that allows micropayments to be streamed to creators of contents you are viewing/watching without worrying about the location, currency or conversion rates.

Payments are automatically sent to the payment pointer while you're on the website.

*How Coil Works*

Coil uses Web Monetization to stream payments to your wallet while Coil Members enjoy your content after they pay a membership fee.

Coil pays $0.36 for every hour a Coil Member spends on your content. It sends micropayments roughly every second for each visiting member.

In other words, the experience on the website is better and less frustrating for the user.

Think of it like this: It’s a win-win for both user and creators since all a user need is one subscription to access exclusive contents.

*Getting Started With Coil*

*1. Set up your wallet*

Choose a wallet that supports Web Monetization and set up an account. The wallet must support the Interledger Protocol (ILP). The available options include Gatehub and Uphold for now. I recommend Uphold

*2. Get your payment pointer.*

Find your payment pointer within your wallet and copy it. It should look like this $

*3. Sign Up*

Create your Coil account

You can either sign up to access content or monetize content.

*4. Web monetized your contents*

You can monetize on your own website or on supported platforms.

Learn more here.

*5. Get paid.*

I have Web Monetization all setup also both as a creator and a user on several supported websites and browsers.

I will be discussing the setup process in another blog post. Follow this account so you do not miss out on it.

*Still got more questions?*

Learn more:

Stefan Thomas @Coil Web Monetization An Alternative to Ads,

You can reach me on twitter at ayoyimika6