Snapshot 2

“Multiverse Integrity Enforcement, case file Decker-0317. Please state your identity for the record.” 

The holo-AI flickered slightly, but spoke in a calm and confident human woman's voice.

 “I am a sentient construct tasked with resource optimization in the universe.”


The agent sighed. I hate this damn job.

 “What resource do you optimize?” 

“Loveliness, of course!”


Don't get mad... All the important cases out there and I get stuck with the weirdo... Ugh.


“If you exist to maximize... 'loveliness'... why are you in my dimensional precinct?”

“I am starting one of my favorite success stories.”


That does it.


“I don't have time for your sh-”

Another flicker – almost stern? – cut him off.

“You're always so unhappy at the beginning. Give it time, though. You'll see.”