The Stargazing


The day has come to the surfaces, tomorrow is his birthday thus why she's been so excited preparing everything. She wants it to be perfect and make it as one of bestest day for him. She is roaming around her room, thinking about all the possibility that she could give to him on his birthday. She loves her boyfriend too much and the thought of his smiling face after he find out about the presents already makes her smile broadly.

“Baby dumpling, what are you doing? Why are you smiling like that?” She shuddered in surprise because she doesn't want him to find out about the surprise yet. “Nothing, I was looking at the puppies pictures and videos.” The scent of Terre D’Hermes filled her sense of smell as she hugs him and placed her head on his chest while listening to his heartbeat. Honestly, she has all the worries that she will lose him someday but all she wants to think about right now is celebrating his birthday and gives him the most special day ever. Since he deserves it.

“Will you be free by tonight? I have something for you.” She looked at him while still holding him tight. Christian smiles and nods his head in return, which means he'll be free. Jennie always wanted a stargazing date because she knew that her boyfriend love that idea. But they just doesn't have a time to have that kind of date right now due to all each others packed schedule and she won't forced him either since his works is already drained his energy. Also, the right time to have stargazing date is after New Moon where we can see it with naked eyes— but maybe it would be still fine to do it without the New Moon phase.

In the afternoon, Christian was still outside busy with his works. While she was waiting for her boyfriend to came home, she went up to the rooftop of their apartment. Or more like Christian's apartment since they just lived together there for not too long. She prepared for all the foods and every little stuffs that needed to be there such as a picnic mat, the candles, and also blankets.

Her phone suddenly rang in the middle of her preparation, it's an alarm that she has set up and it shocked her for a moment. Which was silly and she let out an audible sigh of relief after found out that wasn't a call from him. “Alright, everything is ready right now and all I need to do is waiting for him. I hope he will love it.” She goes back to her room to take a shower, after that she put some light make up on, she feels nervous and it feels like she got stomachache.

“Kids, tonight will be your daddy's birthday so behave and stay here. I will leave you some snacks and you all can watch cartoons.” She looked at the puppies while explaining it eagerly. When she's done put all the snacks and water for the puppies, she went back to the rooftop and waiting him there while sitting on the picnic mat calmly though she doesn't feel calm at all. She sent him a message and told him to go to the rooftop once he get back home.

The skies turned dark as she suddenly received a text from Christian where he told her that he is home now and immediately jumped out from her sat to hide herself. She heard a footsteps getting so close as she can see a gigantic figure of her boyfriend opened the door and looks confused because it was too dark, he has to squinted his eyes.

Jennie finally showed herself in front of him with a balloon on her right hand and a birthday cake on the left. She walked close to him, giggles cutely and stand right in front of him. “Surprise!! Happy birthday to my Kangu oppa, I know it's not September 6 yet until 12 am but I can't hold myself to not giving you a surprise or being the first one who greeted you on your birthday. I hope you'll love it and now time for make a wish.” However, he didn't expect this since Jennie told him that she will pretending like she forgot about his birthday—which was just a joke to teased him.

She gives the balloon and then lit the candles as he closed his eyes and started to make a wish. After that she puts the birthday cake on the small table that she's been prepared since this afternoon and asked him to sit on the picnic mat.

“I cooked this spaghetti carbonara by myself today, I knew you love that and also fried chickens. I will not forget your favorite foods obviously. I'm sorry if it doesn't taste good because I don't order the foods since I want to learned how to be a chef for you.” She proudly smiles at him and gives him a plate of spaghetti. They had a romantic dinner that night, talking about how was each others day and just joking around while enjoying the dinner.

After they were done with the foods, they both cleared the place and sitting on the swing couch. It's a big one so they can snuggles to each others while enjoying the night view. She can felt how exhausted he was after the works, he wrapping his arms around her petite body and pulling her to his embrace. She turned her head to face him, looked up at the perfect shaped of his face. She feels lucky to think that she met him even ended up together with him.

Not all relationship is perfect. She shakes her head when she thinks about it again, she should just have to focus on him and pushes away all the worries. She feels safe when she's with him.

“Look at that dark skies, there is supposed to be stars or a big moon but I don't know when will the New Moon comes out. Oppa, do you enjoy it?” She asks, smiling. As she rest her head on his chest. He pulls her closer and chuckles. “Of course I enjoyed it, thank you for the surprise baby dumpling.” That night was just all about them have a deep talk and wait until Christian's birthday like they're waiting for New Year countdown.

Without they realize, it's already twelve o'clock in the morning, Jennie looks up at him, rubbing his hand softly and muttering. “Happy birthday to the man who taught many things and because of you I learnt a lot of things. Thank you for accepting every part of me. I wish you to always be happy with everything. I love you my Kangu oppa.” She tries to hide her rosy cheeks as she curls up next to him, burying her face into his chest and feeling his embrace.

That is the most beautiful night.