Finding Solutions during the crisis is the key.

My eventual goal is to piece together a documentary, but because it's heavy face to face interaction I've had to curtail it.

Working out at home has been another key.

A Great Article about working out:

To Delay Death, Lift Weights

Best Points from this Article:

1) One interesting (and, for me, reassuring) detail: Strength training in a gym and doing body weight exercises seemed to confer roughly equivalent benefits. So you don’t necessarily need to heave around large quantities of iron.

2) There’s some evidence that strength training may reduce blood pressure but increase artery stiffness, effectively canceling out the heart benefits. This study can’t answer that question, but the findings do suggest that ditching aerobic exercise entirely may not be optimal. And indeed, the best outcomes of all—a 29 percent reduction in mortality risk during the study—accrued to those who met both the aerobic and strength-training guidelines.

3) That said, I recently wrote about a study in which runners received automated online advice to help them avoid injuries. The advice seemed painfully obvious: Listen to your body, don’t increase pace and volume too suddenly, and so on. But it worked. Injuries were reduced by 13.1 percent. That’s more or less what I’m hoping for by writing this piece, for all of us: that a reminder of something obvious, bolstered by fresh evidence, will help me continue to do what I know I should.


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