Upgrading. Customizing. Organizing.

Today I mixed, labeled and stored all of my new paints that I received from my father-in-law from his decades of painting street rods. He was gracious and supplied me with clear coat, lacquer, thinner and all of the supplies needed to get going with a new system.

Thanks to my Aunt Brenda, I have been blessed with another system! Now I have two separate airbrush units that will work wonderfully on the small typewriter frames and components. These airbrush systems are designed so the paint never travels through the actual gun itself. The paint is drawn by way of vacuum out of the jar, naturally with a force of approximately 3(psi) pound per/square inch. The system has five separate jars that offer a variety of colors at-the-ready without any intermittent cleaning required of the actual spray nozzle or gun.

I also have several other larger spray guns for light detailing and any bigger jobs that may require larger application.

With some small Mason (canning) jars (that didn't have working seals) I reorganized and setup a custom storage system.

By utilizing some inexpensive trays and magnetic bowls that I found at Ollies, I began a system for keeping things separate while also keeping my respective jobs together (while they are in pieces) throughout every step of the process at VTS.

Today was a great day for prepping, streamlining and making the shop just a little bit more efficient.