This is an outlet geared to assist me in staying connected with all of you...those who have interests in vintage and antique typewriters. No matter the degree of interest that you possess, I would like to stay in touch with you and be informed of your needs and contributions that I can glean great ideas from as well.

By staying updated and connected with one another, we all can preserve and carry on the great legacy of the Typewriter. No matter what it means to the next person, your neighbor or those that are indifferent...what's important is how you and your machine are provided every opportunity to be the best that you can be.

As I witness the younger, technical generations gaining more and more interest in the historical machines with which I tinker daily, I am fascinated and encouraged. So, with the rising of each new dawn, I find it easier as the days progress, to greet another chance to be a part of this movement.

So, even if in the slightest amount, you have interest, I encourage you to dig a bit deeper and become acquainted with the typewriter...it is quite an experience.

Happy Typing,

Chad VTS

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