Loulou's alibi forgot something

The first and most important rule of writing is never tell another person how they should write.

  1. There is a reason for establishing yourself and your experience on a topic.
  2. Metaphors and comparisons serve an important purpose.
  3. Writing about workflow helps to organise one's self and give people an idea of what it's like inside of the mind of the writer.
  4. Sometimes all that's needed is a little intermission (read: blog post) in one's life and sometimes that's all what is called for, a few brief posts instead of the traditional 400 words or less.
  5. Actually some of the world's greatest pieces were written only once and as a rough draft.

Yes, all of this creates this magical thing called 'context' and helps the imagination with illustration. Frankly I find your definition of 'writing' very narrow-minded to say the least.

To describe your entire post, I can literally just borrow your own point:

Treating your readers like children only reveals you to be one.

I could have compressed what you said in 3 2 easy points without pissing on anyone else's style of writing:

  1. Be relevant (stay on-topic)
  2. Exercise moderation 3. If you can, establish your point without being too negative

The latter I don't really agree with though because then I wouldn't have been able to write this masterpiece to bring you back to reality.

P.S. Backhanded compliments in the form of 'advice' like:

Dogmatic opining is meant for narcissists, that’s not you. You’re the type of intelligent individual who wants to talk about your true expertise, or ignite an interesting conversation, or tell a story.

Do I even need to address just how... ugh, the illogicality of it all. It's painful to read stuff like this.