I am scared of my sea. At night I will be suspended above It as it screams Splashing scenes of horror. It used to be so small, hardly intimidating but now it is a sea. It grew so large every time a pin pricked my mind.A pin prick, such a small amount of pain resulted in a large mass of black liquid that would turn a puddle into a pond, a pond into a lake, a lake into a sea and eventually an ocean. I have never touched it contents How could I when I was limp Just able to cry. It followed Night was constant, a pin prick would suspend me over the dark body no matter what time of day it was. My eyelids would close and there I was in a retaliated scream trying to mock the sea It would grow louder and louder to over power me, lose my hope due to a back. Back. Everything has a back A book, a home, a car, a mind.... But I am talking about the back of a person Such a devastating thing, a sign of disconnection You are no longer wanted by them No one knew how much I back would hurt A Butches knife to the mind Not only did they feed the sea but They made the sea produce reflections Of the people, what they have done to me and what I did to them There was never anything good about them. Forming a line they were Such a long line The most important backs were always at the front, reminding that everyone can always disconnect, no matter how strong the bond is. There was one back I hated more than any other, feared it This one screamed louder then the others Telling me the same things over and over again. Holding a scythe behind its back Who was it ? Who was it ? WHO WAS IT?! I needed to know why they hated me so much, i want to change for the better If I understand their hatred then maybe I can adapt and become someone other than me... I began to fall I did not realise how high I was from the sea Such a beautiful sea It was still, ever so still, no noise no horror Falling There was just him there waiting for me to touch the surface I'm still falling I can here the laughter now the backs all circling my crash zone. Impact. I am scared of my sea Because I'm drowning in it The dark liquid fills my lungs and after all this time of avoiding my sea It is finally getting me. I turn to peer where I have just entered I don't see any the backs on the surface anymore they seem to been replaced by fronts, The people in my life now The brightest feeling of today They watch me fall deeper and deeper This is more painful They're not diving in to safe me They ignore the suffering I endure Why ? I wonder how deep I will get how strong I can be before it's too much