this is where we lie broken and bruised where we cannot run or hide from the inevitable truth of ourselves

this is where we lie alone and defeated all because we could not trust

none of us were able to stand the monsters they lurked in the shadows, but they were there; you could feel the chill, hear the scream but they weren't the ones that scared us the monsters were physical and we could see them; we could not see ourselves eachother and this is why we're here

terrified of the monsters in us, not around us hid the truth, tried to believe the lies these broken things led to our fall, our demise we couldn't stand the people inside us we turned all of the mirrors around projecting an image a lie. a lie.

this is where we lie. surrounded in the ruins of a failed second chance that was built on treachery and deception a place where trust was a myth and the only thing that fell from our lips were lies