Let's understand what is web hosting? Web hosting allows you to host your website on World Wide Web with the custom domain name as per your business requirements. In this service, hosting providers take some cost and give some required bandwidth or space on the server to store the website files.

Website files are stored on the server just like we store files on our personal computer. But hosting providers uses very higher configured computers or servers than our computers and that resources are connected with powerful or high bandwidth Internet link.

Why do we need web hosting?

Many people think purchasing a domain name is sufficient to make the website live for all over the world but the domain name is just name of any website. In technical term, we can connect our computer to the internet to serve the web pages to the visitors, but it is not practically possible because home internet connection is not capable to manage many visitors at the same time. This will make it possible for us by web hosting providers. Because they have their own powerful web servers and bandwidth to store website's files as well as serve many visitors at a same time. Web hosting companies also offer some value-added services like some add-ons, refer and earn, etc.

There are many hosting types available as per your requirements, such as:

Shared hosting is a suitable option if you want to:

  • Try out web hosting with a small budget.

  • Host a small personal website with moderate traffic and little dynamic content.

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After all this explanation, next question is How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Provider?

There are many web hosting providers available in the market, but choosing the right one to our business niche or requirements is a difficult task. For this, we need to consider some factors. Start to collect all hosting providers information on the internet. After collecting all information check their reviews on different websites as well as check some current customer testimonials etc.

Some of the things that needs to be remembered while choosing a web hosting service are as follows:

  • More Reliability– Reliability of a web hosting provider should be one of the most important concerns while choosing a web hosting provider. A reliable web hosting provider is the one that has good and satisfied customer base. A web hosting provider on whom you can trust and give your website to host with them.

  • Better Price – Price of the web hosting packages we purchase should be another primary concern while choosing a web hosting provider. One should choose a web hosting service according to the reliability of a web hosting service provider.

  • Good Support – Support should be the important factor while choosing a web hosting service. A good web hosting company should provide the best support to its customers. A good customer support given by the web hosting company, gives the website a better push to make the website live on the web.

These are some of the important factors while choosing a web hosting service for your business/website. Also, consider some important following points;

Hosting Package Cost:

Compare all hosting providers with each other in terms of cost and try to find affordable web hosting provider.

Web Space:

Web space is another important aspect. Compare how much amounts of space provides by web hosting providers.

Bandwidth Aspect:

Many hosting providers offer 'Unlimited Bandwidth', but it often ends with some certain terms and conditions as per company standard. Hosting Bandwidth means the amount of traffic can handle the website. So make sure that, go through the terms and conditions of the hosting provider.

I hope this information is beneficial to know what web hosting and how to find the best web hosting provider.

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Offshore hosting is nothing but hosting your website, data or application to a far-off Datacenter location from your place of origin. There are many reasons for taking your hosting offshore, reasons like hosting copyrighted content, DMCA content , Hacking websites, adult content and warez hosting are few amongst them. There are servers that run/host a website except its located in another country. Many people use this because it is much harder to shut down legally and harder to contact.

Offshore hosting is often used to host or promote things that are illegitimate, forbidden or banned in their own countries. For example, Poker and casino is banned in India and other Asian countries, and to host these websites/content, there is no other option than offshore hosting to an Asian customer.

Depending upon the websites/web apps that you wish to run, and your specific requirements, you need to decide which offshore hosting package is actually required. Following are the types of offshore hosting packages.

Offshore Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most economical and common choice in offshore hosting. This allows multiple users to take advantage of shared resources of a physical server to publish their website and setup online presence. MilesWeb shared hosting packages are bundled up with a wide array of features and a powerful control panel.

Offshore VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a combo package of shared hosting and dedicated servers. In case of a VPS, a single physical server is split into multiple virtual servers offering guaranteed RAM and CPU.

We have deployed hundreds of offshore Virtual Private Servers for our customers. MilesWeb’s offshore VPS packages are the best in the market due to our complete understanding on customer’s requirement. Our offshore VPS costs less, works faster and more reliable than any other offshore VPS providers.

Offshore Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is a perfect option for companies that attract thousands of users or run mission-critical applications. It’s a physical server which offers dedicated resources, unlike shared or VPS option. With dedicated hosting, customer has full control over server.

MilesWeb manages multiple dedicated servers with the choice for operating systems as per requirement of a customer. No matter if it’s a single dedicated server, clustering or a load balanced architecture, MilesWeb has team of experts to offer 24/7 support and 99.95% uptime guarantee.

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