I see you drift, further each day, Caught in a world that pulls you away. Your smile is gone, your spirit weak, And I’m left with words I can’t speak. We used to share a love so bright, Now it’s lost in endless night. Your addiction’s grip, a vice so tight, Turns our days into constant fight. You tell me stories, spun with care, But your eyes show a truth so bare. Promises made, then quickly broken, Leave me shattered, words unspoken. The pain of loving you cuts deep, In the silence, I often weep. For the person you were, the life we planned, Slips through my fingers like grains of sand. Cheating life, you lose your way, While I stand by, day after day. I want to save you, pull you back, But our love’s gone off track. Each lie you tell, each deceitful act, Leaves my heart bruised, our bond cracked. I reach for you, but touch the void, In this struggle, my soul’s destroyed. Yet, I hold on, to a glimmer of hope, Trying to climb this slippery slope. For somewhere deep, you’re still the one, The love of my life, the battles won. I feel lost, adrift in pain, Hoping you’ll find your way again. But until then, I’ll keep my place, Longing for the day I see your face. The real you, free from the chains, Without the sorrow, without the stains. Loving you is a torturous ride, But I can’t let go, no matter how hard I’ve tried.

In the shadows of loving an addict, There's a pain that lingers, a sorrow that sticks. You give and you give, until there's nothing left, But still, it feels like you've failed the test.

You watch them spiral, unable to save, As addiction tightens its grip, like a darkened cave. And though you try to hold on with all your might, In the end, you're left alone in the night.

The dreams you once had, they fade away, Replaced by the harsh reality of day. For love alone cannot conquer all, And sometimes you're left with nothing but a fall.

So you say your goodbyes, with a heavy heart, Knowing that love couldn't tear them apart. And as you walk away, the tears may flow, But deep down, you know it was time to let go.

In the quiet moments, I feel the weight, Lost in love's maze, uncertain fate. Loving an addict, it's a winding road, Filled with doubts, fears untold.

I search for signs, for some kind of guide, But the path ahead seems hard to abide. Lost in the chaos, in the lies and deceit, Wondering if our love can still compete.

In the darkness, I long for a spark, A glimmer of hope in the endless dark. But sometimes it feels like I'm swimming alone, In a sea of struggles, with no way home.

Yet still, I hold on, despite the cost, Praying that somehow, our love won't be lost. For even in the depths of despair, Love's tender touch is always there.