Hello, Welcome to my Writing Portfolio!

My name is Wayril (she/her) and I like writing short stories and fiction pieces. Anything I'm happy with and want to share, I'll be posting here. Contact e-mail: Wayril@protonmail.com You can also Find me on Mastodon!

This page serves as an index for my work. I'll update it accordingly when I publish new stories. Each story also contains a Content Warning in its header.


A Rogue by Any Other Name

A quick-witted charlatan falls for the target of her latest con and must balance her newfound feelings against her old habits. This story contains romance, sword fighting, and lesbians!


Hospitable Takeover

As the Affini Compact exerts its dominion over Terran space, one girl finds adjusting to her new life under alien occupation is much more pleasant than she anticipated. This story contains heavy kink themes and domineering plant aliens.