Weekly Musings 208a

This isn't a new edition of the letter. I do, however, have a pair of announcements to make.

First, the latest collection of essays from this letter is now available to download as an ebook. This collection, titled Weekly Musings: The Final 52, gathers Musing 157 through Musing 208 in one place. The ebook is a thank you to each and every one of you who reads this letter. It’s a free download (and always will be), although I’ve set it up to be a pay-what-you-want kind of deal. Remember, though, that you’re not expected or obliged to pay anything.

The second announcement has to do with the letter itself. Musing 208 was the last edition of the letter that I'll be sending out. Ever.

Yes, it's time to put Weekly Musings to bed. Why? I'm a firm believer in Craig Mod's ideas around some projects having a limited lifespan, of some projects having a firm expiry date. With Weekly Musings, my plan was for the letter to have a four-year run. Those four years have passed, so here we are.

It's not that I've run out of ideas — I have more than I can tackle, and others regularly pop into my head. But I also know that 1) the current format of the letter has become a tad stale, and 2) Weekly Musings is no longer the right vehicle for presenting my ideas. What is the right vehicle? I'm still pondering that.

The letter itself was a chronicle of not just what grabbed my interest, but also a chronicle of how my thinking on a topic developed. That thinking, that development will continue but elsewhere.

That said, I believe that I'm ending Weekly Musings on a high note. One reason for that is the support of my subscribers — the small number of loyal fans in a sea of noise. Over the last four years, I've appreciated your support, your comments, and your feedback.

The web version of the letter will be around for a while longer, if not more. If I don't renew the domain in 2024, https://write.as/weekly-musings/ or https://tiny.write.as/weekly-musings will work.

Thank you for taking part in my little experiment in email publishing over the last four years or so. I hope you found Weekly Musings as interesting, fun, and, at times, frustrating as I did.

Scott Nesbitt