What Comes To Mind

A personal blog where I share my thoughts and opinions on whatever comes to mind.

During this pandemic, I set a goal for myself to start a blog. I am proud to say that I achieved this goal. As I continue to develop content for my primary blog, I started this personal blog to continue practicing. Beyond just practice, I feel another benefit of a blog is the sense of ownership over my more fleeting words and thoughts.


Tl;dr: A polished, professional, and downright exciting tournament worth your attention!

I remember when HGC was cancelled back in 2018 and I felt a real loss. High level Heroes of the Storm was truly a joy to watch. The great production, incredible analysts and casters, and the extremely high level of play made for exciting weekends of games. I personally felt that after the cancellation and the near abandonment of Heroes of the Storm by Blizzard, professional Heroes of the Storm at that scale was not long for this world. Oh how glad I am to be proven wrong.


After finally deleting my Instagram account and moving to Pixelfed, I felt it would be a good exercise to lay out what social media platforms I use and how I use them:


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