My Social Media “Stack”

After finally deleting my Instagram account and moving to Pixelfed, I felt it would be a good exercise to lay out what social media platforms I use and how I use them:

Mastodon: I have a single mastodon account that I actively use. I've essentially replaced my Twitter usage with Mastodon and don't plan on turning back.

Pixelfed: I have a single Pixelfed account that I use occasionally. Pixelfed is my alternative to Instagram.

Reddit: I enjoy browsing Reddit, though I may begin dabbling in Lemmy in the near future.

Youtube: I still enjoy watching Youtube videos despite all of Google's horrible management of the platform and treatment of creators. Unfortunately, alternatives like Peertube don't have the specific content I am looking for at the moment.

This is really the extent of my social media “stack”. I'm not a very active user but I try my best to use ethical alternatives where possible and privacy-respecting apps where required.