PayID: 'email address' for payments, available today in XUMM

Ever wondered why, when sending cryptocurrency around, you have to copy/paste these long weird addresses (and potentially: destination tags while when an e-mail the destination can look like Or more common: user@provider.tld (eg.

Well, those long crypto addresses are a thing of the past. Or: will be. In the past months alongside industry leaders across technology, crypto, and finance we’ve been working to develop PayID: an address for payments that works like email. With an $ instead of an @ sign. The PayID standard is an open (and open source) standard, and supports all rails: not only crypto (all chains), but even fiat payments (eg. bank account numbers, like IBAN accounts for the SEPA area).

Just like email addresses, a PayID can be issued to you by a provider. One PayID can contain multiple destinations (multiple rails), so one PayID can contain eg. your XRPL address, a bank account, a BTC address, etc.

For geeks, companies, hobbyists, it's even easy to run your own PayID server/service to serve your own PayID on your own domain.

At XRPL Labs we collaborated with the PayID workgroup since day one, and we're really proud to be one of the four first wallets with PayID support from day one.

Developers paying attention to our XUMM (backend & app) Github commits may have already noticed “PayID” appearing in some commits. XUMM already features PayID resolving (when sending funds), and later this year (2020) all XUMM users can create their own profile with hosted PayID's for incoming payments.

If you open XUMM, go to Send and enter in the recipient name/address, you'll notice a PayID result containing my XRPL account address (read on after the demo movie below)

Q3+Q4 this year (2020) the XRPL Labs team will work on XUMM user profiles (opt in), where you will be able to claim your own slug. You will then be able to (opt in, again) select one or more of your XRPL accounts and assign them a slug as well. PayID's will be included (for all users), like:

I envision a future where all crypto companies will offer PayID to their users as well, making depositing to an exchange a worry-free and user-friendly experience. I believe there will even be chain and vendor agnostic services. Just like “” serves a huge amount of users, providers (like XUMM) will too.

Try: wietse$

We believe PayID can be a great addition to the payments ecosystem, further improving cryptocurrency usability.

For more information on PayID go to