XRP TipBot migration to Uphold: what about ILP Payment Pointers? — Action required!

The XRP TipBot migration to Uphold is now in motion for one and a half day, and already 1850 users moved almost 130k XRP to Uphold.

The one thing I didn't address: ILP Payment Pointers. The ones Coil donates to. I didn't, as I knew the people at Coil and Uphold were working on something nice.

Just in: Coil & Uphold partnered. You can now use your Uphold card(s) to receive payments over ILP.

Please update your Payment Pointer at Coil! (Instructions below).

In the meantime, donations coming in to your XRPTipBot.com payment pointer can be forwarded to Uphold. To do so, visit the XRP TipBot Account page.

If you linked your Uphold account and you have “leftover XRP” in your TipBot account (eg. due to ILP donations to your payment pointer) you will find a notification & button to migrate the balance to your linked Uphold card:

I will provide this migration for some time to come, but please don't let that delay you migrating your Coil payout options.

Instruction: update your Payment Pointer at Coil to point to Uphold

Please go to Uphold, and select your TipBot Card. Go to “Add Funds” and select From Interledger Payment Pointer.

Now click the Generate Payment Pointer button.

You will get a ILP Payment Pointer. Copy this, you will need it in the next steps.

Now go to your Coil Account Payout Settings:


If your account is configured to direct donations to your XRP TipBot account or a manual payment pointer containing “xrptipbot.com”, click Change:

Select “Setup” for Uphold, and paste the ILP Payment Pointer you generated at Uphold:

That's it. You're good :)

Your Coil donations will now end up in your Uphold card.

If you are a NY resident and you can't use the Uphold ILP services, please select one of the other payout options at your Coil.com Account Payout settings.


Photo by Åaker on Unsplash