XRPL Labs will launch XUMM wallet & platform for the CasinoCoin blockchain too

With the launch of XUMM upon us, we're happy to announce we will be releasing XUMM not just for the XRP ledger but also for the CasinoCoin ledger.

While our primary focus lies on the XRP ledger and the XRPL ecosystem (both today and in the future) we appreciate both the CasinoCoin team and the choices they made (and make). Their motivation to fork instead of build on the XRP ledger source code is one I can respect: they are adding use case supporting on-ledger features to the source code. I can also really respect and appreciate their team expanding their project in a solid, bootstrapped manner. They didn’t do yet another ICO, and they managed to build and expand their projects without relying on mass token sales.

With CasinoCoin being a fork of a previous version of the XRP ledger source code, there’s still a great deal of overlap between the source code powering both ledgers. We see the XUMM app and underlying platform for signing requests can add a lot of value to not only the XRP ledger, but to the CSC ecosystem as well. For their use case, both in online and brick and mortar environments, a reliable non-custodial wallet and (payment/sign) request based platform is key to the usability of the digital ledger. We decided to reach out to the CasinoCoin team, offering them a branded fork of our XUMM project.

John Caldwell, Director of Advocacy for the Foundation, said:

We are always looking for ways to improve our product, and working with the innovative and forward-thinking XRP Labs to deliver XUMM on the CasinoCoin ledger is a hugely exciting development for us. That they have seen the potential in our project is testament to the hard work put in by both our own development team and our wider community. We look forward to working closely with XRP Labs going forward.

(We decided not to follow our own “naming convention” of + UMM for the CasinoCoin version of our app, meaning we still owe you the name we’re going to give to our app and platform for the CasinoCoin ledger 🤣)