XUMM Beta 2 (0.3.0)

The second XUMM Beta release (version 0.3.0) has just been published to the Apple (iOS) App Store, after the Android version was already released at the end of last week.

Please note that this version has been removed from the Chinese App Store by Apple, since cryptocurrency transactions are still not legal in China. XUMM is still available in all other regions.

Some of the most reported bugs are fixed in this release, like:

One of the bugs we're still working on is XUMM being unblurred for a second when opening, before the PIN/FaceID/Fingerprint is requested. We're aware of this bug and it'll be fixed soon.

Of course we changed some more, the full list of changes can be found .

Thank you, #XRPCommunity, for all your testing, reporting, help & contributions. We have some more bug squashing to do, and we're already working on some make overs and improvements for new Beta releases (we are planning on releasing new Beta versions every one~two weeks, until we feel confident enough to publish our final V1 version).

Frequently asked questions so far are mostly about:

If you want to test Sign Requests, please check out http://xumm.community by NixerFFM or try it by sending a small donation to XRPL Labs.

If you want to reach out 1:1 to share screenshots / bug reports / ... please use the Chat icon on the lower right corner at https://support.xumm.app.

😘 – Thank you, stay safe!

Ali, Tristan & Wietse