XUMM Beta 3 (0.4.1)

The third XUMM Beta release (version 0.4.1) has just been published to the Apple (iOS) App Store & Google Play Store. The updates will be available for download & install in a short while.

This version contains 53 (!) improvements, reported by several community members. Some issues were directly reported to the XUMM issue tracker on Github by @nixerFFM (Daniel) & @raredata (Markus). Thank you, community, Daniël & Markus!

Noteworthy updates/improvements/changes:

There will be another 0.4.X release (0.4.2) soon, and after that we will spend some time on improvements under the hood before working on 0.5.0.

Meanwhile, besides working on the App & XUMM platform, we're working on a Translation Panel (will be added to the XUMM Developer Console) so contributing community translations will be easy, straight forward & offer context aware preview in your own XUMM app.

Thank you for your trust, support, input & enthusiasm 😘

The XRPL Labs team

Ali, Tristan & Wietse