How to Start Your Essay

Many students and schoolchildren are often confronted with essays. They found out the topic, read the text, maybe even some thoughts appeared, but where to start is not clear. Let's figure out what an introduction is and how it is written.

What Is an Introduction and What Role Does it Play in the Essay

The essay consists of three main parts: Introduction (formulation of the problem, statement of the position); Main body (reflection); Conclusion.

The most important thing here is the introduction, as it contains the main idea, which you will subsequently prove or disprove. If you highlight it incorrectly, it no longer makes sense either to prove this wrong idea or, moreover, to write a conclusion.

How the Main Idea Is Formulated

The main idea is a problem raised in some text, statement, etc. A problem is a conflict. A conflict always has at least two sides. It is necessary to find what is opposed to what. But remember that it will not necessarily be two separate people or groups of people. The conflict can be with oneself or, in general, between some natural phenomena. Look for hidden meanings. Just don't go too far. Pay attention to the little things. Many people cannot identify the problem if there is a description of nature. Transfer the characteristics of nature to humans. “Gloomy sky” is a gloomy person. And everything falls into place at once. Problems are divided into two types: man-society, man-nature. The first is more popular. It includes love conflicts, conflicts over power, problems of loneliness, rejection, etc. In the second type, a person feels themselves the king of the world and rebels against nature in a bad sense, destroying it.

Signs of a Good Introduction

There are three ways you can tell a good introduction from a bad one. Always keep these characteristics in mind:


The introduction should consist of 3-5 sentences.


Clearly identify the problem. No need to pour water in the introduction.


In the essay as a whole, and especially in the introduction, do not use constructions that you are not sure of. To make sure you don't make a mistake, it's best to use clichés.

Avoid This

Now, as opposed to how “should be done,” consider the main mistakes. For which the points on the essay are usually reduced: Incorrect highlighting of the problem. Before you start writing, think about what you will write about. Transfer this problem to reality. Try it on yourself. Often, when writing an essay, people rush to finish as soon as possible and highlight the wrong problem. If there is a description of nature, this does not mean that the conflict is man-nature. Highlighting several problems at once. Choose one problem, it is not only very difficult to prove several positions at once, but it is completely unnecessary. General phrases without specific wording. Sometimes people struggle with a beautiful beginning for a long time, come up with an interesting turn of speech and eventually forget that the main task of the introduction is to identify the problem, and the thought remains unfinished. Mix of introduction and proof.