How to choose a book for an interesting fiction book report?

The fiction book you choose for your report is, by and large, up to your personal reading tastes. It is advised to choose a book that elicited a lot of emotion, as you will have much more to say on the book and its message. You want to choose something that moved you, perhaps even angered you, but above all else, made you think. You do not want to write a report on a fiction book that you thought was poorly written, boring, or just plain bad.

It is also helpful, for the purposes of writing a book report, to choose a book from a genre that you are familiar with. Part of the book report structure and process is to evaluate and analyze your book on its own, or in comparison to other books written on the same subject or in the same style. Knowing the genre that you are writing your report on will make the comparison process a lot easier, and it will give you a lot more experience to base your opinions of the work and its message on.

One can also choose a book that is relevant to the times. Many books, while fiction in terms of actual characters and situations encountered, tackle common social subjects or areas of contention. Books like these make an excellent choice.

You can choose a book that is debated in society to make your book report even more interesting, like Dan Brown’s novels. Then, while writing a report you could reflect on those debates as well.

It is mandatory for book report writing that you know your text well. Ensure you will manage to read a book before writing a report. It’s better to choose a shorter book, but to analyze it properly.

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Top 10 books for fiction book report

• To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen • Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse • Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad • Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck • A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens • Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. • The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown • Promise Not to Tell by Jennifer McMahon • The Piano Lesson by August Wilson

Writing a fiction book report doesn’t have to be a headache inducing experience. With a few hints and tips on writing a fiction book report, you can be well on your way to writing a A+ book report in no time.

One of the biggest pieces of advice on can give to someone writing a fiction book report is to read the book with your report in mind. Take the time to really come to understand the plot and the characters and how they effect the overall message of the book. Take notes, or, if you own a copy of the book, mark it up so that relevant and important passages or information are readily available.

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