Codius Host 2.0 Preview

The release of Codius Host 2.0 is closer than ever, and you're invited to check it out.

What's new?

Codius Host 2.0 accomplishes two main goals:

  1. Replace hyperd container isolation
  2. Automatically renew SSL certificates

Codius Host will now use Kubernetes with Kata Containers to deploy and isolate users' workloads. Kubernetes along with cert-manager and acme-dns will also enable automatic renewal of the host's SSL certificates (including wildcard certificates).

Try it out

You can deploy a pod to, a Codius host running with the new setup:

  1. Install Node.js
  2. Create a manifest file for your pod
  3. Install this special version of Codius CLI, which will let you upload without running moneyd
    git clone -b preview --single-branch
  4. Upload your pod
    ILP_BTP_SERVER=btp+ws:// codius/bin/codius.js upload --codius-file /path/to/your/codius/manifest.json --host


You can set up a Codius host yourself using the install script. Like the preview host, it will run moneyd in local mode accessible on port 7768.

It didn't work / How can I help?

You can let us know if you find a bug by opening a Github issue:

You can also check out the Codius gitter.

We appreciate your continued interest in the Codius project.

Photo by Nine Köpfer on Unsplash