Win a Free Photo Session!

If you like winning free things and would like some amazing pictures, then continue below.

I was reading a very well written blog post earlier about “Finding Your Photography Style” from Two Loves Studio. In it were a couple very astute statements concerning social media and style which are relevant to a lot more than just photography.

“Social media is both an amazing source of community and inspiration but also a depressive comparison trap. The key to really finding your photography style is to dig deep into why you love certain niches of photography, pull apart segments that you like and to spend more time practicing your craft than you do looking at the work of others.”

The mission statement, if you will, of Wilson Photography is to “create exceptional images of people and the places they call home.” It's about more than creating a beautiful picture, it's about creating a portrait that represents this season of life.

I am in the process of refining what this looks like and putting together an updated portfolio. To make this happen, I need your help. I need some amazing people to photograph around this beautiful city.

Here is how it works: Post this article to your WeChat moments and send me a screenshot of it. You will then be added to a drawing which will be held on Monday, October 15 * 1st place will get a completely free photo session * 2nd place will get half off a photo session * Everyone else can take advantage of the Autumn Portrait Promotion by receiving an additional 200 rmb print credit when you schedule a shoot.

Thank you for your support in this process.

-Robert Wilson

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