The Beauty in the Real

The other day my oldest daughter set up a painting activity, and when I saw them there with the beautiful light streaming in I thought to myself “this would make a beautiful picture.” So, I closed the closet, made sure they had chairs, and picked up a few random things lying around. Somehow though, as I was setting up the camera, the closet opened again and a chair was ditched. I’m not entirely sure what happened in those couple of minutes.

My photography style is definitely of the methodical, planned out side of things. I like everything in order and everything to be there for a reason. In that regard, this photograph isn’t all it could be. From a parent’s perspective though, this is so the story of my life and they are so my children. This “imperfect” picture is a memory I am thankful I captured.

I don't wanna miss it I don't wanna look back someday and find Everything that really mattered Was right in front of me this whole time Open up my eyes, Lord Keep me in the moment just like this Before the beautiful things we love Become the beautiful things we miss

Matthew West – The Beautiful Things We Miss

-Robert Wilson

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