KEYWORDS: sun creation life force planet earth chaos zest inferno hydrogen helium energy thought process sentiments cosmic consciousness super mind sacred import solar meditation Rishi eulogy existence creator illuminator absolute truth ego humanity divine sins research institute Tantra power pilgrim saint spiritual goal bless initiation time space God transformation world Sidhis influence preceptor Guru birth death self Guru Gayatri psyche sanctify science vices image worship golden age atheism Veda vital force The sun is said to be the life force of creation. It is because of the sun that life sustains on planet earth. Assuming that for one day the solar deity refuses to rise at dawn life on earth would become chaotic and unruly. Solar rays imbue creatures with zest and zeal and hence the sun is given utmost importance. And despite all this know for sure that the sun is not merely a ball of blazing inferno. It is not as though it is merely emitting flames of gases like hydrogen/helium which in turn manifest immense energy. This in fact is the material or gross description of the sun. In its subtle aspect the sun is the director of our thought process, chief of all planets and inducer of great sentiments in our psyche. It is indeed the very soul of all living beings. A deeper outlook tells us that spiritually it is the light of God as cosmic consciousness and that of super mind. The word Soorya or sun means that which inspires us with sacred sentiments