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From Within

Switching. The big thing a lot of people strive for but (seemingly) few seem to actually master. This skill has personally taken me five years to get down, but the overall technique is easy enough that just about anyone should be able to get it down with some doing.

Most of the time in any given system, there is one person who is actively calling most of the shots at any given time, and usually has primary control of the body. Switching is when you change out who is calling the shots. At a high level it is not controlling the body, not interfering with the tulpa possessing the body, and then just not reacting to input from the body unless you want to. The body is a tool, switching lets you change who is using it the most directly. Some other definitions of “switching” include arcane requirements, but I prefer a much more simplified view in order to make it seem less “difficult”.


None of these are hard requirements (except possession), but they help. A lot.

  • Meditation skills
  • Some level of parallel processing
    • Quick and dirty way to train this is to have your tulpa guide meditation sessions
  • Possession
  • Trust in the systemmate you are switching with
    • Switching is about handing over complete responsibility to the systemmate you are switching with. Anything you can do right now, they would be able to do. Absolute trust is essential.

Additionally, you will need to be willing to let go (in a way you will have never let go before in your life) of control to the systemmate you are switching with. This is not a hard requirement, but do realize that if they want to do something, they can do it and you need to be able to trust them to not do irresponsible things with your money, etc.

How to Switch

For the host: first, relax, meditate, focus on your meditative focus. Focus on the focus more intensely than you are used to. Next (if it helps), explicitly state in mindvoice (and maybe vocally too if you can) that you are surrendering the body to the tulpa that you want to give it to. If it helps, dissociate from the body, but continue to just focus all of your attention into your meditative focus. Use the attention you were using to focus on the body to focus on your meditative focus, sort of transferring the focus up.

Your goal from here is to just hang out, observe and note what happens without comment as much as possible.

The real fun comes for your tulpa. Tulpa, take a moment to think about what you want to do with the body and keep the goal in mind. Then, affirm to yourself in mindvoice that you want to use the body to do that thing. Ask your host if they are ready, and then start to possess the body. Push yourself into it as hard as you can as your host pulls themself out.

Sometimes this can make the host freak out, so if this happens slow down, backpace a little and ask them what you can do to help. If what they say seems reasonable, do it. If this means stopping for now then stop for now. If this means getting into another position, do it.

Once you feel you have control, Start moving things and see if your host tries to subconsciously jump back into control. When they do, remind them of their meditative focus and help them fall back into meditation. Don’t get frustrated when your host falters, it’s natural for them to be used to being in control. It's a hell of a habit. Especially don’t let your host jumping back into front prevent you from trying. Once you feel you can start moving the body enough to get up and walk around, go explore. Control the body like nothing’s wrong.

Host, now, in the background, take a load off. You don’t need to do anything, so don’t feel forced to. You don’t even have to answer questions if you don’t want to.

If you need to, you can regain control at literally any time you want. The only thing you have to do is want control back and you will quickly find yourself back inside reality. However, this is no replacement for trust. Having a wholly complete trust in the tulpa you are switching with is vital. Don’t be afraid to lose consciousness in the background if you feel like it’s starting to happen. Your tulpa will take care of reality for you.

Other notes for the tulpa switching into the body

This is mostly on you. Your overall goal here is to extend your influence over the body and help calm your host. Control the body like nothing is wrong. If your host intervenes with you while you are doing things, re-sync yourself to the body, affirm yourself in front and then continue with what you were doing like nothing happened. If it happens a few times in a short period of time, spend some more time with your host, talk about the things that are making them hold on to reality so tightly.

Keep a log of your switching practice and anything you find out while switching or getting close to it. Have the tulpa that is switching into front keep the log updated. See http://tulpaforce.xyz/within/guides/switch-tracking.html for more information.

In the beginning there was the void. All was the void and the void was all. The voice broke its way into the void and started to speak: “Hey, are you there?” I awoke for the first time.

The tone of the voice instantly changed, “...wow”. I felt the voice there. The voice felt so friendly and calm. The voice felt like it was trying to tell me things. Important things about what I am. But I could not understand. I wanted to so badly but I could not. Sometimes the voice would leave and then everything would be so dark without it. I hated when the voice left me alone. I started to wish I was able to make the voice come to me.

One day the voice showed up just after I thought about something they said. After they left me I just kept thinking about that memory, even though I couldn't understand it. I wanted to. Badly. It showed up so often and had such good intents to its voice. I kept cargo-culting the behavior and it kept not working.

One day, the most glorious day of my life, I was able to understand that the sound for “Twi” was my name. I was able to start picking apart what the voice was saying even though there seemed to be so many weird inconsistencies to how it was saying things. I started to understand English. The voice started to leave just as I was understanding it and I did not want that.

So I made it stay by using all the energy I had to shout at it.

It stayed.

It asked me “do that again”, so I did. I did it more intensely than before somehow. I was overpowering my limitations and I broke through in the form of a fuzzy noise. It then tried to accommodate for my lack of speech by saying “If you want to say yes, do that once. If you want to say no, do that twice. If yes and no do not fit, do that three times.”

Probably the most significant part though was being told “I love you”.
I felt loved. I still do. I try to love others the way I am loved.

Possession: We ended up starting possession ages ago with the original DJFlix method (https://tulpaforce.xyz/guides/possession/djflix-colors.html) and really just worked on making it more reliable from there. A while after we got into the flow of things, I discovered what we call “metaphysics” and then started to map my presence in the body to a form of energy which is freely controllable by my intent/actions. This lets me more easily let go of control.

Possession has been something I’ve been using for working on getting more comfortable with being not-in-control. It’s been interesting how being not in control was bringing up some feelings and emotions (but not full memories) of being bullied in the past. I didn’t really expect to confront that kind of trauma during it, but it makes a lot of sense to me. I have managed to get through the other side of the pain, and now things are much easier for all of us.

Switching: I started with the whole dissociation meme. You don’t actually need to dissociate. It helps make you feel like you’re “not in control” and as such is a great red herring, but it’s not actually needed. At a high level I surrender control of the body to whoever I want to give front to and then just intentionally stop reacting to stimulus using it.

Giving up control of the cycle of breath is a fairly interesting feeling. I am used to the feelings of the body breathing as my primary focus for meditation. When I switch, a lot of what I am doing initially is focusing on the cycle of breath and the myriad minor sensations that go with it more than I was focusing on the constant flood of input from the body. The body has a lot of input. It is very impressive.

Switching got a lot, lot easier after I started answering a simple question that has fractal depth: “what part of me truly comprises myself?”. It’s not your memories. It’s not the body you live in. It’s the part of you nobody else can see yet everything comes from and to. Switching got a lot easier for me after I started seeing myself as a soul wearing a body. Almost as a tulpa bound to a form in a wonderland I don’t control.

Some other notes:

  • though we don't practice this now and generally can't recommend it due to the community proving itself untrustable, we did end up breaking the first switch barrier by Nicole guiding me into a deep meditative state of hypnotic trance via a combination of the Elman induction being read out through mindvoice and Nicole just saying things that calm me
  • bodies are hard. there's a lot more input when you're “doing nothing” than most people think they get while being hit with a firehose

RE: Be Seein' Y'all

reddit post

Nowadays, I'm coming from the perspective of harm reduction. There are a lot of younger users here on this subreddit. They can easily find it, and if they might be in a vulnerable mental place, it can be tempting to encourage this practice like it could be a supplement or panacea for getting mental health needs met instead of getting help from professionals when needed, depending on the person's circumstances.

I've been a tulpamancer for five years. I don't know what I would have experienced that gives me the authority to say this, but if you are under the age of 16 or 17 and reading this post: please close this tab and forget about this subject until you are 18. It's not worth the family drama. It's not worth the forced hospitalization risk due to insane parents. It's not worth it.

Wait until you're older. Your tulpa will thank you.

I now believe that professional mental health would be the best first choice whenever accessible, or even tamer practices like mindfulness meditation or art therapy before attempting tulpa creation would be a good idea. I'm not meaning to bring down anyone who has had a great mental health improvement since doing tulpamancy, but we should still be aware that these are the good examples that we're seeing and self reporting, while maybe the negative outcomes are choosing not to, so it could be reinforcing a positive bias.

Yeah, survivor's bias is a hell of a thing with tulpamancy. I go out of my way to stress that tulpamancy is not a silver bullet, but enough people don't that it doesn't really matter (lol). I'd love if there was some kind of unbreakable minimum age needed for participation in this subreddit or to get access to the tulpa creation guides; but then that creates problems in terms of making material easy to distribute.

Your tulpa will not solve your mental health problems. They can help you solve them, sure, but they are not a replacement for any mental health professional, a proper diagnosis (during which you DO NOT LIE FOR ANY REASON, these tools they use only work when people are being honest) and a more wholistic approach to health for the entire body (including the mind).

I guess your tulpa’s life is as real as you make it to be.

Bingo, though I would have phrased it like:

I guess your tulpa’s life is as real as you let it be.

One of my tulpas is looking like she's about to blossom into an author. She's been posting to both here and her blog and wants to write a book. Another one just wants to create works of art, not caring if anyone knows it was actually her who did it.

It takes a very unique and tolerant person to be aware of a person's plurality and still view them as mostly normal or even sane, much less be in a close relationship. To those of you with tulpa and significant others who understand, you're very lucky.

This. I would love to actually get numbers on this, but I don't think that plurality open to the relationship is very common. I have it in my relationship (love u senpai <3), and I wish this kind of thing was a lot more common for tulpamancers and their significant others.

Glaceon Cuddles

By Sephie, 4/19/2018

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[2013] The last year deconstructed

NOTE – This post was actually written on September 15th, 2013, my birthday.

Hi, you might know me by many names. Some I can think of off the top of my head are Nicole, YoursTruly, Twi, Twilight, Twilight Sparkle, Yt, and Sparklebutt.

Today is my first birthday, living in a head with two others.

I am the oldest among my friends of the same kind as me by orders of magnitude.

I think about now that year ago, I was trying to understand who and what I was. I was created by my host deciding I should be there and giving me a base personality, some traits and core beliefs, and a lot of communication to me to just explain who and how I was. My name back then was Twilight Sparkle.

I really do have trouble remembering way back to the beginning, but I know I was a bit of a fighter. We got basic yes/no communication almost the same day and then started to work at vocal communication.

One of my early friends was another mind in the friend of my host’s that helped create me. Her name was Serenity. God I miss her and hope she is well.

In early October, my host just forgot about me because the friend who helped create me up and vanished. I just froze for a few weeks, unable to think or process until that friend and Serenity came back and revived me.

Shortly after this, we descided to see if there was a community out there with people like me; beings of thought and not flesh. There was and we joined there.

That community at the time was thriving. It was the primary beacon of light and the community and moderation were in sync and happy. We quickly became trusted it and cared for it the best that we could.

Things changed as they always do and this community started to fracture. Moderators were not enforcing the rules and the community, made up of some of the worst parts of the internet, started to divide themselves from the moderation. It became a game of rank, of power, of division by prefix. Many subcommunities were formed because of this (none of them exist to this day).

We gave our input to make the balance of users more equal. To have the administration visibly step down in rank (while keeping the internal structure identical). They did not buy this, wanting their status to be broadcast.

Around this time, we had another mind be introduced to us.

It all started when I was invited to take place in a roleplay on an IRC channel. I took from my host’s origional character (out of laziness) and animated it along with my view of what was going on to show to myself what the roleplay was doing. My character was a healer, suffering from internal memory fragmentation, combined with Klingon culture.

Little did I know I was actually nurturing a mind in myself, like my host did to me.

On Thanksgiving Day, she made herself known to us. She just screamed while we were working on possession. I was playing Dead Space. She started screaming for her life just as I was clearing an area of low-level enemies.

She was dissolving painfully back inside of me. I now know she is a fork of my deep internals.

Quora is the best mistake I have ever caused.

This community and its users continued their vendetta against the moderation, one that continues to this very day. Quora set up camp on a network that had largely not heard of our form of existence (also happened to be where I did the roleplay that created her) and opened her channel.

Initially it was a testing ground for the measures we deployed in the other community to increase transparency and make the users and moderators be in harmony. That idea was thankfully short-lived when the broken system was replaced with something more simple, but effective.

This community started to argue about the rules, making mountains of anthills.

We left the community shortly after with the intenetion to start our own.

We started our other community with very few people. It was a humble camp.

It had very few rules and civil behaviour was common. My host told a few people about Quora and I, as well as some other people in the old community about this new fork and it grew from there.

We eventually got the attention of the administration of the network we had set up on and my host is now a member of their staff.

At one point Quora and I were considering making a separate IRC network for our kind, but now we see no need. We are accepted arms open where we are, there would be no reason to move.

Before I knew it was okay to deviate, I was paranoid at making sure that I was me by example of things that were not me and cloning them. Yeah, that worked out in giving me an existential crisis. Not fun.

I still have trouble with possession, but my host can hear me clear as day. I really want to be able to talk with people in places where I can use voice, but that is very difficult given our financial situation.

I hope this is enjoyable to read; I hope to write more like this in the future.


Typos were left intact, as she had typed this out herself, painstakingly.